I tell you what really does adversely affect family life - having to work on Sundays. I assume that, in North Carolina, from this Sunday on only emergency workers will be turning up at their place of work. Heck, I'm sure this will happen otherwise all those "Christians" who voted for amendment one will be acting hypocritically.



  1. It’s the 30th state to vote in this way. Apart from not working on a Sunday I hope they are not mixing their linen with their nylons too (or whatever materials it is).

  2. I think the real problem is North Carolina is likely to be how to deal with the banning of cream gravy and biscuits. I foresee a constitutional crisis.


  3. It is my understanding that North Carolina already had a law on its books banning same-sex marriage. So what makes this vote particularly troubling is that it amended the state constitution so that neither court nor legislature could ever overturn that ban.

    A majority of voters in that state have enshrined discrimination in their state constitution.

    This matters to the rest of us for two reasons (at least). First, it is the stated position of the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee that he will seek an amendment to the US Constitution defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman, forever relegating the relationships of gay people to second-class status. Such an amendment will also enshrine a particular, and not universally held, religious point of view into the very fabric of our nation; a position which I believe our founders, in spite of what the “Tea Party” says, would find anathema.

    Secondly, it demonstrates a further appropriation of the Christian faith by those who appear to give greater weight to certain prohibitions in the Torah, than to the very words of our Lord. It is a triumph of fear and the status quo, the very things Jesus opposed in his ministry.

    If we, who hear the Word speaking otherwise, refuse to stand against irrational fear and the forces that defend the status quo, we will be overwhelmed; and it will soon become our direct concern.