Our trace sent me a link through to THIS WEBPAGE. It contains fifty excellent photos of stunning and amazing church buildings. I already knew of a few of them but many were new to me. I really do second Tracie's recommendation that you check them out.



  1. Um, didn’t the Wicked Witch of the West used to live there? [Yo-EEE-O, Ye-OOO-oh!]

  2. Such a range of structures! Many of them are inspirational, though a few are just plain hideous. Most of them have this in common, though: the ancient ones speak of a desire to profess devotion at the expense of the lives of countless workers; the newer ones speak of a willingness to spend untold fortunes on something other than ministering to the needy.

    The simpler ones are monuments to God and Nature and Humility, and please me most.

    Incidentally, the only one of them I’ve personally visited was the one in Sedona, AZ, USA, and it was spectacular in both its setting and execution, though it was structurally supported by the most hideous crucifix I’ve ever seen in my life, with Jesus looking like a disemboweled mummy cast in iron.