I was asked earlier today whether or not there was any chance I might get the Canterbury post that is being advertised at the moment. Well...

This is Trevor Willmott. He is the Bishop of Dover (in other words the real bishop of the Canterbury diocese). Back in the late 1980s, when he was a mere Diocesan Director of Ordinands in Peterborough, he persuaded me to go forward for ordination. It was his idea. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind at the time. He was my DDO throughout my time in college.

Trevor has just been picked to be on the Crown Nominations Committee that will choose two names to go to the Prime Minister, one of which he will choose to be the next ABC. Now, if Trevor remembers me, which he surely must, you never know. On the other hand, if the important people in the Church of England find out that he was personally responsible for unleashing me on the church, he may find himself back in Peterborough Cathedral, sweeping the floors.

I know nothing about Trevor's views on stuff. But he seemed a sensible bloke and certainly not a man with hang ups about women being priests. My guess is that he will be a voice of common sense on this unelected body who hold the future of the Church of England in their hands.



  1. Is he an academic? I don’t think we need to look to Oxbridge for the next ABC. I would like to see a person who will take on the CofE rather than think he is the Anglican pope.

  2. Oh, I have far grander plans for you, KJ. Let’s just say, for the time being, that it is my intention that my reign will go down in history as being simply “fabulous” and I will, of course, need help achieving that.