The Bible is a book.

No matter how many times you say "Izzy, wizzy, let's get bizzy!" or "Abracadabra!" over it, it will stubbornly remain a book.

No matter how many times you tell yourself it is more than just a book, it will remain just a book.

A book is not God. For those of you who remain confused as to the difference between a book and God, here is a handy diagram that should help you.

Books are written by:

1) People

2) An infinite number of monkeys on typewriters

3) A clever piece of computer software that randomly chooses words and phrases that, sort of, make sense together

We know that the Bible was written by people. No where in any Bible is there a book by God, monkeys or a computer (just look at the list of contents if you don't believe me).

This will sound very straightforward to most of you and you probably think this post is a bit of a waste of time. But there are some people in the world who go to church on Sunday, not to worship God, but to worship a book. This is just plain silly and a complete waste of their time. Quite honestly, you stand more chance of getting a response to your prayers from God than from a book. In fact, you will never get any sort of a response from a book. They are made out of dead trees which are well known for their reticence.



  1. Well, I still would have inserted Rublev’s Trinity for the box on the right, but if you’re going for Via Negativa.

    [Oh, and I agree, MP]

  2. My grandmother, of blessed memory, used to quote her father, the first Dutch Reform missionary on the west coast of the USA – he used to say that when reading scripture you had to remember who was writing it, when they were writing, and who they were writing it for.

    Words to live by.