As an englishman I have no knowledge about "prom nights" except what I have picked up off films like "Carrie." It seems to me to be a very expensive excuse to make unpopular children feel bad about themselves and wish that, they too, had Sissy Spacek's knife throwing abilities. This story, sent in to me yesterday by Whiteycat, just reinforces my disdain for both prom nights and the Roman Catholic hierarchy.


For many students, prom is the most anticipated night of their high school career.

Amanda Dougherty was all set to go to the prom, she was excited. When she bought her prom dress, that was it, she says she knew it was the one for her. Amanda paid $95 for the prom tickets, add that to the cost of the dress, the shoes, flowers and she says it’s close to $1,000. But when Amanda’s date cancelled on her earlier this week, she slammed right into a wall. She says she was told by school officials at Archbishop John Carroll High School she could not go to the junior prom next Friday without a date.

“For them to say that we’re not good enough to go unless we have a guy standing next to us, it’s just kind of sickening,” said Amanda.

The office of Catholic Education has released a statement which reads in part:

"The prom is an exciting event for students in all of our Archdiocesan high schools. We do have policies in place to regulate both the junior and senior prom. Unfortunately, not all students are able to attend. We can’t address specific issues with specific students but there are various reasons that a student would not be able to attend. Not having a date is one example. Our high schools offer numerous dances and events throughout the year where dates are not required, but we view the prom as a special social event where a date is required to attend."

The girl from Glenolden says she is willing to fight to change the policy for all students and her efforts to do so are making her dad proud.

“She’s standing up for what she believes is right."

Everything is about sex with the Roman Catholics. You can't even go to a dance unless there is the chance that you will end up procreating.



  1. There once was a girl who did try
    To go to her prom night, sans guy
    But her church school was callous:
    “You can’t come without phallus!”
    Now we all know thats an obvious lie.

  2. Proms can be nasty (I never did attend mine and really had no interest in going).

    There is what happened to Constance McMillen back in 2010. Wanted to come with her date (who was also a woman), initially refused, then told yes. They were sent to a ‘prom’ with a few of the other ‘unpopular’ kids (notably those with mental disabilities) while the rest of the students went to another ‘prom’ elsewhere.

  3. Yes. I remember featuring that on OCICBW….

    We had school discos in England. But you didn’t need a partner. In fact, I think the whole purpose of them was to find a partner.

  4. I was the unpopular boy whom no-one wanted to date. I was so disconnected from the dating scene; I did not know when it occurred.

    Thirty some years later, my younger son went to his prom with no date. He had a blast. He danced and partied with a group of friends and recalls it as a great night. No one thought a thing about it.

    Graduating from high school these days means scattering. Kids go into the military, to colleges spread across the world, and often do not come back to the community until their 10th or 25th year reunions. So it has become a giant goodbye party.

    Thehere was a time, in the dark ages, when your prom night included a number of engagement announcements. The plan was finish High School in May, married in June, and “settle down.” Settlling down of course included the production of a number of new Roman Catholics.

    How utterly sad that the RC officials, firmly mired in the 19th century, do not understand that.


  5. Because I went to a proper, prudish Protestant school, we had not prom where dancing would occur, but we had a junior-senior banquet. I attended mine with a group of male and female friends, none of us with dates, and we had a great time.

    What I don’t understand about prom (Aside from the nonsense you’ve pointed out above – For most schools, no date would be a non-issue, and in the Seattle area, the event has become gender neutral for the most part.), is the ENORMOUS expense which excludes some. If there is no way to ensure that all want to come, can, then the tradition should die the death it deserves.

  6. The fact that many of those who go into the military at this time will not see their friends again makes it all their exclusion more obscene.

  7. Let’s admit that it’s part of the social scene for many teenage citizens of the US of A, however ludicrous the expense and the pressure to go with a “date”. The only way it will change is if those it affects campaign for it to change. And whilst they still see it as a “must-have” event, that ain’t gonna happen.

  8. This is not the norm for most American high schools. Although I did have a date for my senior prom. I also had a date for my three out of four high school homecoming dances. I was also nominated to be a homecoming princess in 1986, because at that time I was actually kinda hot.

    But there was a time in my life, around jr. high school, when people used to call me “Carrie” because I looked so much like Sissy Spacek.

  9. PS: In the early 1980s, random people almost everywhere often did double-takes at me, and thought I was Amy Carter, the daughter of our former President Jimmy Carter. :sigh:

  10. “You can’t come without phallus!”
    Now we all know thats an obvious lie.

    Oh Boaz, BRAVO! [And “obvious lie” doesn’t even begin… ;-p]

    Order! Der Papen vants der Order! Unattached females? NEIN!

  11. “Not everyone is able to attend” –

    The theological implications of that statement from a church school are mind bending!


  12. “Everything is about sex with the Roman Catholics. You can’t even go to a dance unless there is the chance that you will end up procreating. “

    This would be in stark contrast to their Baptist brethren, who have banned orgies because it might lead to dancing.

  13. Ha! Love it, Tim.

    But it begs the question, “How do Baptists make baby Baptists?” There have been Baptists for hundreds of years longer than there has been cloning technology. Are they like those animals who can give birth without having to have sex with a male?