The new Bishop of Chichester has been named as Dr Martin Warner.

Dr Warner, 53, who has been the Bishop of Whitby in the diocese of York since 2010, succeeds the Rt Rev John Hind who retired last month.

This bloke makes Bishop Gene look like Arnold Schwarzenegger with Charlie Sheen's libido. Yet still the Church of England refuses to let honest gay men like Jeffrey John become bishops.

I sent quite a few applications for parishes in his Whitby jurisdiction. He did not acknowledge one of them. He wouldn't even send me the forms to fill in (which is seriously dodgy, procedurewise, and highlights his arrogance and need to control). Mind you, he is a good friend of a former bishop of Horsham (in Chichester Diocese) who we outed as having a gay relationship in the past when he signed a letter supporting a bunch of homophobic, misogynists in the States. The Gay, Anglo-Catholic Mafia in England is like the Masons - except you are expected to show more leg at your initiation.



  1. Mafia, or not, a gay Anglo-Catholic, for whatever occasion, would never wear an alb that was too short.

  2. I inquired to the good newly-appointed bishop’s “manner of life” at Thinking Anglicans (seeing as our bishops here in TEC receive this kind of obsessive interest).

    We’ll see if TA has the ‘nads to print it.

  3. Surprise, surprise, my post has not yet appeared @ TA (Yes, it COULD be a technical difficulty. I’ve inquired, but my hopes are not high).

    The hypocrisy by those who should know better is distressing.

  4. My comment at “TA” (“How come can Martin Warner become a bishop and Jeffrey John can’t.”) has also be censored.

  5. Oh, one of the gain-and-lace knitwear queens, sitting on their hands whenever gay equality is discussed, mincing about calling each other by women’s names

    A relic – who most gay people rightly despise. But, then, there are precious few left in the church – we don’t wish to be associated with this brand of hypocrite

  6. Well, well. How Christian?! Wonder why the Bishop wouldn’t send MadPriest papers to join his Diocese. Maybe because MadPriest shouldn’t be a priest at all with such views, shared in a vile hate filled post like this. Why dont you piss off and leave the CofE and bogg off to some other protestant evangelical sect where you can feel at home with your fellow bigots and homophobes. Call yourself a Christian. You should be ashamed of yourself you pathetic prick!!!

  7. Stu, I am an anglo catholic and can’t get a job because of my outspoken support of gay people (check out the rest of my blog). This post is an attack on the misogynist gay priests of the anglo catholic wing of the Church of England. Those gay priests who will even condemn out gay priests in order to further conceal their own sexuality.

    I am assuming from your handle that you are gay yourself and have just read this particular post without knowing anything else about my blog. However, if you are, in fact, just a troll, who has no idea what a “bear” is, then please ignore the above and piss off.