JOKE OF THE DAY — 6 Comments

  1. (as long as you agree with their bigotry and thievery and pompus/righteous excluding).

    Truly a disgusting cluster of self-imagined manhood who twist every anti-LGBT degenerate idea they have into making it ¨be¨ o.k. to become orthodoxlike cowards at Church.

    What a waste.

  2. Or to use the concise phrase I learned from JCF years ago, “reactionary authoritarianism”. Well, at least they’re committed to something, even if it isn’t the Gospel.

    • Me? Not even I can remember all my BS phrases! ;-X

      And again, I’m left thinking “this ‘joke’ isn’t funny. Ala the “Ecumenical Jihad” (P Kreeft) being pursued by the Romans, this is all of a “…and Pilate and Herod made peace that very day” kinda thing. “Let’s knock back a brotherly brew—just use the teeth of that guy hanging on the cross as a bottle-opener.”

  3. Sadly, I read the article this is from. The only use of the word “unity” – besides in the headline – is to introduce a radical new idea to subvert the current Anglican “instruments of unity”:

    “It is now generally recognised that the instruments of unity – the Primates Meeting, the Anglican Consultative Council, the Lambeth Conference – no longer command general confidence.”

    (posted on Facebook also)