From "Christian Today":

Your best suggestions please as to what on earth such a thing would contain that would make it a limited edition unlike all other editions.



  1. It includes an extraordinarily obscure commentary explaining how the reading of Russian poets leads one to conclude the Bible does not permit women, nor gays to be bishops in England. A short appendix will also explain why it is imperative that laity be deprived of voting privileges as they refuse to vote as archbishops direct. The appendix will be penned by ABp. Semantu. I leave the likely authorship of the commentary to your imagination.


  2. The appendix Jim refers to may be titled “The Protocols of the Elders of the Church of England”. By having an uncopyrighted Limited Edition it is hoped it will go viral in the underground press and webpages.

  3. It may well contain an extra book revealing that Jesus was an Englishman, that Mrs. Windsor is his direct descendant, and that she and her heirs reign by the grace of God. The church has to be led by heterosexual male archbishops ordained in the apostolic Succession, and that you can’t be a proper priest without being in possession of a functioning penis, and a clear understanding that it’s only to be used on the female sex.

  4. The Queen being a descendant of Jesus was already conclusively proved to be true in “The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail,” Robert.

  5. A small diamond imbedded in each copy. I know it’s not a deep suggestion, but for those of us who are somewhat shallow, I think it’s pretty good.