My "Death or Glory" appeal, launched yesterday, is moving forward (and thank you to those who got it going) but only very slowly. Another nine £5 monthly donations were added towards the target of £1500 per month in the last twenty four hours. So the MadPriest Express has moved a little way. However, as I would really like to get two thirds of the way to my target by the end of April, I need to ask those of you who do not contribute to my ministry yet, but who believe it to be an important and worthwhile Christian witness on the Internet, to sign up to my subscription list as soon as possible.

Full details of this appeal can be found on my post, OCICBW... / SAINT LAIKA'S: DEATH OR GLORY? Basically, I am trying to make my internet ministry raise enough money for me to live on. I am hoping for a monthly income that will be less than a Church of England priest's stipend. I am not monetising my blog. Everything will remain freely available. Everything I produce can still be taken and used by other people without my permission. I remain committed to the old Internet ethic. But, I do need to feed and clothe myself. In fact, I really would love some new clothes. I haven't bought any clothes since August 2010. I'm down to two shirts, two tee shirts, one pair of shoes and a belt that is falling to pieces. If it wasn't for the Vietnamese clothing industry's ability to make indestructible underwear I wouldn't be able to leave the house.

I work like an American (e.g. every hour God sends me) to keep OCICBW... and Saint Laika's entertaining, informative and useful. If I had another source of income, I could do, and would do, it for nothing. But I don't and it doesn't look likely that I will have in the foreseeable future. I don't like this situation. It has taken me years to become so brazen and matter of fact in my beggary. But, encouraged by people who have come to terms with their reliance on others, and inspired by evangelical missionary paradigms, I am now, officially embracing the concept of living on faith (e.g. your money).

I think I'm worth it. Either that or all my friends are lying to me (and most of my friends are blunter than a Yorkshireman with toothache).

Chris, a "self-supporting" priest ministering in Scotland, sums up my attitude:

Come on all. There are people out there suddenly doing degrees on what Jonathan has been pioneering for years. Time to truly support this vital online ministry. The workman earns his wages folks!

Liberals and broad church Christians are often too quiet for their own and the church's good. Very reasonable. Time to stand up and show the world what an positively inclusive and creative Church looks like. Part of that is in fully supporting those at the coal face who are leading the way. By fully I mean vocally, by association and financially.

If I have managed to twist your arm into becoming a subscriber and patron of my ministry, below is the widget for setting up your donations. Click on the option button and you will see that you can make a donation of between £5 per month and £50 per month (in multiples of £5). Click on the amount you wish to send each month and then follow the instructions. You should not need a PayPal account to use this facility. If you wish to make a lower pledge or, if you have just won your national lottery or come into a fortune some other way, a higher pledge, please use the widget in the right hand sidebar under "MadPriest Is Appealing."

Donation Options

And here is the cheap graphic showing you how far the MadPriest Express has travelled and how far it has still got to go before I am a happy and contented Internet priest.

Click on the graphic to enlarge.

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