Tim of the North is back from his annual Lenten skive and has posted an excellent rant about the words we now use instead of "love" on his FAITH, FOLK AND CHARITY blog. Go read it! Now!

I am in complete agreement with Tim. In fact, I have come up with a handy conspiracy theory to explain it. It is my contention that, up to the 1980s, the English language was primarily linked to a Christian cultural mindset. If we used words such as "love" or "husband" we did so with the Christian myth embedded in our subconscience whatever our conscious beliefs were.

But since the 1980s we have generally ditched Christian cultural references and have changed to a capitalist basis for our language. We are quite quickly adopting monetarist terms for everything. So, we ditch "love" and "marriage" and replace them with "relationship" and "partnership."

The bastards appear to have won by the stealthful corruption of the English language. Only the gays, with their brave and insistent clinging on to the idea of love and marriage, stand any chance of rescuing us from our complete and universal adoption of this vile stockmarket newspeak.



  1. I’m impressed by the anti-capitalist feelings of people who wouldn’t be able to support themselves a month without either investment income or the charity of those who make lots of money from capitalism. But this is doubtless understandable coming from people who believe in magic wafers.

  2. Charity and magic wafers existed for a long, long time before the invention of capitalism, troll. And they will both be around long after both capitalism and yourself are long gone.

  3. Wow-someone with no means of support besides his wife says it; that settles it.