Some good news - in fact, some bloody marvellous news. Our good friend, Jay, from the BAILEY'S BUDDY blog, who lost his dear, old canine friend, Bailey, recently has just welcomed a new dog into his life.

Meet Molly.

I just know that Jay and Molly are going to be best of friends for life.


WELCOME HOME — 3 Comments

  1. Molly is the perfect dog. I love her calm, loving manner. She is truly a Gift from God. I still miss my Bailey (a lot) but she helps. And when a 55 pound doggie crawls up on your lap and snuggles and falls asleep on you – well you know the world is a good place to be. Thanks for welcoming her. j

  2. Aw, sweetie. Good girl, Molly! (Lab mix? I can’t really gauge her size)

    Blessings to your whole pack, {{{Jay}}}. I’m sure Bailey wags his Golden Tail for you.