The Bishop of Durham has been appointed as the Patron of the North East Call to Action on Global Poverty and Climate Change (NE-CAP). NE-CAP, formerly Make Poverty History North East, is lobbying the Government to take clear action to alleviate poverty in developing countries. This includes promoting fairness in trade, debt reduction, increasing and improving aid, and addressing climate change.

The Rt Rev Justin Welby said the campaign aims were "very dear to my own heart and supportive of the Christian message".

He said he had become "acutely aware" of the challenge of poverty since becoming Bishop of Durham last November, and that he wanted to add his support to NE-CAP's call.


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  1. Oh my yes. Would that include the abused heterosexual female poor and the LGBT poor? Will there be a screening of exactly which poor are entitled to be supported by the Christian Message in Nigeria, Uganda, Jamaica, Honduras/beyond or will the Anglican Church continue to throw the bums out? Are ALL human beings ¨dear to his heart¨? One wonders if Comprehensive Unity throughout the Anglican Communion is one of Bishop Welby´s ¨aims¨ along with climate change? Yes, sometimes a social climate change is critical.

  2. I am being super-sensitive, it has to be admitted. But it’s not so much the poverty thing as the helping thing that really hurts.

  3. Why has the challenge of poverty become especially clear to the bishop since his move to Durham? Can he see the poor from his castle window now?

    He certainly has no first-hand experience of poverty: Eton, Cambridge, the oil business…

  4. From my experience, cathedral clergy don’t notice anything, other than, perhaps, a liturgically misplaced vase of flowers and stuff like that.