No. We voted down the covenant for quite the opposite reason. We want unity as much as anyone but we want a unity between equals, freely entered into by all, where nobody will be relegated to a lesser status of unity, and where unity of thought and practice will evolve through free discussion and action without the threat of patronising punishment hanging over our heads. At no time have those against the proposed covenant advocated schism or the relegation of those we disagree with to a lesser status within the Communion, let alone banishment and exile, no matter how much their beliefs hurt God's children.

So let's get this straight once and for all. We are the ones who want the Communion to remain as it was, loyal to the creeds of our churches that we have adhered to since before the formation of our denomination. We are not the revisionists. We do not demand anything that is new. We remain 100% faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ as opposed to those who seek to subject our Saviour's teachings to those of human beings by idolising tradition and scripture of human construct. We are not the cultural relativists as our morality is linked only to the commandments of Jesus Christ. It is those who wish to place the words of humans above the words of Christ who are slaves to cultural contexts both passed and present.



  1. huh. And I read the headline to be that the CoE had chosen unity over Covenant. Perhaps I was mistaken.


    Guess the same words hold different meanings depending on what is in the hearts and minds of those who read it. Cheers.

  2. Like Tim, I read it as, “For global Anglican Unity, Church of England votes down covenant.” My version says it all, for me.

  3. In the headline, I’d insert a colon after “Covenant”. Thus edited, “Church of England votes down Covenant: for more global Anglican unity”

  4. We are not the revisionists. We do not demand anything that is new.

    As the Catholics who rejected (the new revision of) Papal Infallibility are the Old Catholics!

  5. I profoundly disagree with this. People go to church for many different reasons, across a very wide spectrum of belief(s) to disbelief. The operative unity is the fact that they go to church and agree to observe common liturgies. It would be a tragedy – and spectacularly stupid and insensitive – if ‘liberals’ substituted their own ‘unity’ of belief for the ‘unity’ demanded by even stupider and even more insensitive self-styled ‘orthodox’ of the pro-Covenant variety.

  6. I don’t think anybody has demanded anything of anybody, John. In fact I think I make that point perfectly clear in the post. However, I am not a liberal and, from a theological point of view, nor are most of my readers. I am, in fact, boringly orthodox. Everything I write is based on an orthodox understanding of Jesus Christ and his actions in the world.