1. Thanks. I think that the thing I did that was most important was to make friends with Christians in the USA. When the anti-covenant campaign got going in the UK it was hand in hand with a lot of my friends from TEC. It was always my main aim to keep contact going, at least in my neighbourhood, between our two churches. However, although I always believed that the English laity wouldn’t support the covenant, I have been completely knocked sideways by the clergy response. My personal experience of Church of England clergy is that they are a lilly-livered lot who won’t do anything that might affect their careers (least of all stick up for a colleague being bullied by his bishop). That the English anti-covenanters managed to persuade them that enough people would vote against the bishops for their vote against a bishop wouldn’t stand out and make them unemployable like me, was a major achievement and congrats to them for pulling it off.

  2. If it’s not approved in the CoE, do the rest of us get to do the polite thing and just pretend it never happened?

  3. Fr. Jonathon, on my blog you are getting credit for beginning what became a blog based movement. Thanks!

    It is of course not over. We now have the spectical of Dr. Williams pushing Dr. Williams into “associate” status, and whatever attempt the centralizers have in mind to re-issue the thing. But this, day will none-the-less stand as an important moment in Anglican history and you started the ball rolling towards it.

    Where did I put that Guinness? 🙂

    member: No Anglican Covenant Coalition

  4. Woo-hoo! The battle isn’t over yet, but thank you MP for your great work in defeating this thing. I’m with KJ – I’d just like to forget this embarrassment to the entire Church.

  5. More than one battle has been won today, Bluebird. Our media has been constantly tying the covenant to gay priests and bishops. This means that those who voted for the covenant voted against equality for gay people. Those who voted against it voted for equality. Nobody will say that officially but I know my people. The simple fact is that the majority of the Church of England are, at worst, ambivalent about gay priests and gay marriage, and probably mostly in favour. Those priests in the C. of E. who want to marry same sex couples in church will be invigorated and encouraged and justified by this result. They will now be on the attack. The reactionaries in the hierarchy won’t have time to reintroduce the covenant. They will be fighting the changes that we will now demand. And they will be on the back foot.

    • A friend of mine in the Anglican Church of Canada said that Canadians for the most part feel the same way about gays in the Church. They are primarily ambivalent about it. So, he pointed out, they aren’t liberals, they just don’t care as much about people’s private lives.

  6. A heartfelt thanks from this Episcopalian to all those in England who worked so hard against such tremendous obstacles to defeat the Covenant. I can remember when all the conventional wisdom said that the Covenant would sail through the C of E’s legislative processes. Congratulations to all those people who began with no organization or institutional support and prevailed in the end over the Powers That Be arrayed against them, a great accomplishment!

    The Church of England and the Church Universal belongs to God and to all of its people, not to its princes or to its executives.

    • Please stay with us| This is a wonderful, important day, but fight will not end because those who are pushing this idea will not stop. There are upcoming votes in Scotand, Canada, Australia, Wales, New Zealand, Areotria, N orth and South India, Japan, USA, and a number of African counties. The picture in Africa is clouded by the vote already taken in the GafCon Primate’s meeting which some of them may consider definitive thus meaning they will not vote.

      In addition some of us are urging Mexico to vote. Mexico is currently counted as a signing member of the Covenant, but no laity or clergy have had an opportunity to vote. The primate simply announced they were in, probably a violation of their canons.

      So, no, I do not think we can drop the “badges” yet!

      member: No Anglican Covenant Coalition

  7. Well done England. And I think we should keep the badges up. There are more Provinces voting, not that it will matter much now.

  8. And on Thinking Anglicans, in the comments, from Pluralist, Our Adrian, This has been a victory of the broad Church over the presumptious leadership and those who had ambitions of empires. It has also been a victory of new media, of bloggers like Jonathan Hagger, Paul Bagshaw, Jonathan Clatworthy and Lesley Crawley.” Jonathan Hagger named first in the list. Bravo, MP. Bravo, CoE clergy and laity. Bravo/Brava God!

  9. They tried to destroy you Father Jonathan, but today you’re the one still standing. The hierarchy is against you but the Church itself is with you. Thanks be to God.