I think we may well have featured this bloke before, but this recent statement of his, which is such a brilliant example of partisan hogwash wrapped up in a false piousness that would have embarrassed Caiaphas, justifiably earns him another wearing of the Handkerchief of Gumbiness.

Many people will have appreciated Rowan’s great courtesy in dealing with people of different views within both the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion. But his departure opens up the potential for a new leader to heal the deep divisions within the Anglican Communion. What is needed is someone who will hold firm to biblical truth in areas such as human sexuality in order to promote the gospel and unite the church in the face of militant secularism.

Well done Rod Thomas, chairman of Reform! You talk bollocks with such magnificent aplomb.


GUMBY OF THE DAY — 4 Comments

  1. The breathtaking stupidity required to think there is something like, “biblical truth” in “order” really does make this award appropriate.


  2. If secularism has become “militant”, it’s precisely because of the likes Rod (up his…???)