Dear Jonathan,
Should MPs be accepting financial support from charities that sponsor "gay cure" conferences?
Phillip Dawson from Enfield thinks not -- so when he discovered a Christian charity that sponsored a conference discussing "Therapeutic approaches to same-sex attraction" and "Mentoring the sexually broken" had also since funded interns for 17 MPs, including his own, he was shocked.
Now Phillip has started a petition on Change.org calling for all MPs to sever ties with Care (Christian Action Research and Education). 
Until three weeks ago David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, was receiving interns from Care but as a consequence of Phillip’s campaign, he stated that he will no longer do so. Now Phillip needs more people to join his campaign so that the 17 other MPs publicly distance themselves from the organisation.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists has said that talking about homosexuality as a disease "creates a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish". Phillip believes that MPs should be fighting homophobia wherever it occurs but by associating themselves with Care they are actually helping to fuel it.
Phillip wants to make it clear that it’s no longer acceptable for homosexuality to be presented as a 'disease' -- and elected figures must not accept financial support from organisations that promote such views. 
Thanks for being part of this,
- Katharine and the Change.org team
PS - Please note that the charity involved is the Christian charity Care (Christian Action Research and Education) which is not associated in any way with the charity CARE International.



  1. Thank you for featuring my petition on your blog. There are now more signatories than the majorities of half the MPs on the list. Liz Kendall MP for Leicester West has now followed David Lammy MP and cut ties with the charity. This weekend I found out that one of the Trustees of the charity is also a Director & Trustee of the organisation which ran “The Lepers Among Us : Homosexuality and the Life of the Church” event in January this year, and was actively involved in the organisation and running of the conference; http://www.scribd.com/doc/85757022/Anglican-Mainstream-Website-The-Lepers-Among-Us-1

    The South West Devon MP Gary Streeter has branded my petition an “aggressive campaign” and one “based on falsehoods”. I sent him this reply at the weekend;


    Thank you again for raising awareness about the petition. I hope the other MPs on the list follow suit.