1. I love many of your Photoshops, but this! This is simply brilliant!

    I seldom type “LOL” because I generally do not, but this one got me actually, LOL!


  2. We get so many more Romans—thanks to Benny’s policies!—than go the other way, that I just can’t get too worked up about the Ordinariate.

    [Plus, we get their best, they get our worst. Yes, Benny sees it as the other way around—but in this, as in So Many Other Things (in and out of His Big Chair), Benny=FAIL!]

  3. Very, very great ‘toon! I think the Kneeler is to show that Benny is top dog, er top bishop,er, top guy……I get confused so easily :>)

    Inyhoo…great pun there, MP


  4. JCF, your self-congratulatory tone and sentiments are one of the many reasons I stay away from religious people as often as possible. Ian Paisley couldn’t have said it better.
    You and the Fundiegelicals and the Popoids and the Orthodites deserve each other.