It's only the eighth of March which means that there are still three Sundays and the Feast of the Annunciation in the March issue of "New Words for Holy Communion" that are still fresh and waiting for you to use in your eucharistic services or as part of your personal devotions. And I'm giving them away for nought!

All you have to do is purchase a copy of the April issue for just £2.49 and when I email it to you I will also attach a copy of the March edition.

This offer does not apply for Kindle downloads but anybody who buys, or has bought, a copy of the April issue on Kindle who wants a copy of the March issue should just drop me an email and I will will send a PDF version of the March issue to them.

The Kindle edition has proved far more popular than I expected.

For anybody who is technologically advanced this format is ideal for church services as it reduces the paperwork you have to carry around in church to zero.

For the US edition CLICK HERE.
For the UK edition CLICK HERE.

It should also be available on other Amazon sites. Just go to the Kindle section and type "New Words For Holy Communion" in the search box.

Why not spread the word about "New Words" by generously buying a copy for a friend or colleague who might be interested in using it on a regular basis? You can do this with Kindle and with the PDF version. But don't forget to tell the recipient of your generosity where he or she can buy their own copy for May.

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