OUR PRAYERS — 2 Comments

  1. My mother, who has been battling severe ulcerative colitis since last summer, was placed on a new medication yesterday. She was told that if this medicine doesn’t work to stop the constant bleeding, nausea, and constant need to go to the bathroom that she will have to have surgery to remove her colon and wear a colostomy bag. She is very week, very sick, and very scared and, at 78 years old, not the best candidate for major surgery.

    On top of this my 83 year-old stepfather has been in defib since early February. He has been told that nothing can be done at this point to help his failing heart and its irregular rhythm so death is near for him as well.

    Please pray for God’s will to be done and for HIs holy presence for both. They are suffering terribly but doing it in faith and with as much dignity as they can muster.

    My sister and I both live far away and are trying to help manage this from great distances and it is taking a toll. We will go there next week to try to arrange the best care we can so traveling mercies for both of us as well. Thank you, mighty prayer warriors of St. Laika’s!