Bishop John Sentamu today writes in the inaugural edition of the Sun on Sunday, Murdoch's replacement for the News Of The World.

What a fantastic honour to be given the opportunity to write a column in the first ever Sunday Sun. Today is a new dawn. A fresh start. When I think that we can now get the latest news, politics and sports stories seven days a week from our country’s favourite paper, all I can say is “WOW!”

I know there will be those who will criticise me for writing in a newspaper which will be seen by many as filling the gap left by the News of the World. However I am always one for responding to change positively and embracing new beginnings – seeing the best in all people, especially in adversity.

We should rejoice in new life, turning our back on what has gone before. God is the God of new beginnings: the God of again and again. Let us use this landmark occasion as an opportunity for a fresh start in our own lives.

Remember God loves us and forgives us no matter how many times we mess up, and whether we deserve it or not. All we have to do is humble ourselves and have the courage to start again. We should live as if a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders, because we worship a God of forgiveness. Ours is a God of second opportunities. Wow! With that in mind, live in hope, free from fear. Embrace every day that God puts before you with confidence.

And if you can buy the Sun seven days a week, even better!

The full transcript of His Grace's "unique" (in the history of the Church) column can be read HERE. I foresee a lengthy vacation in the very near future for a certain archbishop. Either that or they'll give him the Canterbury job next and we'll end up renaming the Church of England, "The Fox Inspirational Channel."



  1. Tiresome, sunny lot! Got his lead from MP Bahati in Uganda — trying the legislate the ¨kill the gays¨ bill all over again! Really, can´t he become Archbishop of Gafcon? (heck, maybe that´s the plot, and with Ruperts cashola, anything is possible) Chipper and deadly, nothing new under the SUN!

  2. Actually, OCICBW… has been approached by a certain newspaper who want to promote our Babelicious Bishops Campaign with a regular feature on page three of their esteemed journal. I think it might work.

  3. In the States, we refer to the sort of thing the Sun sells as “tits and ass.” The Sun now has both, models with the former and an archbishop who is the later.


  4. “I am always one for responding to change positively and embracing new beginnings – seeing the best in all people, especially in adversity.”

    Well, if you have to tell people…

  5. @jimB: *LOL*

    [Because the Blogger re-format STILL wasn’t difficult enough to read, now they’ve gotten rid of the easily-distinguishable mustard-colored preview screen. >:-/]

  6. You couldn’t make this shit up. Will he be going topless for a pro-covenant boost next?

    “People say you’re crazy,
    But I don’t care!
    You’ve nicer legs than Hitler,
    And bigger tits than Cher.”

    Henry Kissinger by Monty Python