The Prayer List, along with the virtual candle lighting widget,
has a new home and is now up and running again.

CLICK HERE to go the SAINT LAIKA'S website where it is now situated. Leave a comment and/or add your own prayer request.



  1. glad its back. prayers for Anne mother mine i am with her now as she closes in on death, tunning to meet her end. she is ready, me less so, but content. At 93 she has been ready for quite a while.

  2. Will do, Mark, and I will think of you as you go through these strangest of times.

    I remember that once I was presiding at the funeral of a 93 year old lady who had lived a good life. For some reason, that I can’t remember now, the hearse with her coffin was delayed and the mourners had to wait patiently in the chapel. Eventually the coffin did turn up and, after it had been brought into the chapel I said to the congregation, “I apologise for the delay. Mind you, she has waited 93 years, I doubt that she is going to be upset at having to wait another five minutes.” This is a true story.

  3. I am glad to see the section’s return. Fr. Mark, you, Anne, and all of your family are in my prayers. 93 years is a good run, but none-the-less there is a sense of loss as we send the saints on to await us.


  4. {{{Mark}}}

    Bout blessed time the Prayer List’s back!

    [FWIW, my dad is almost 92, and seems nowhere NEAR ready to go. Guess that’s just a very individual thing—and that being in good general health is a huge factor therein.]

  5. Please add my mother and stepfather. Both are nearing the ends of their lives as well. My mother has been very sick since last summer and doesn’t seem to be getting better. My stepfather has accepted that his heart is just worn out and can’t be fixed anymore.

    Prayers for Mark and the Blessed Anne as well.