George Carey is all over the English press because he's just helped launch something called the Coalition for Marriage.

In the Mail on Sunday he gave all sorts of reasons as to why marriage should only be between a man and a woman. He mainly goes on about bringing up children. He does not, however, say that marriage should be restricted to men and women because the purpose of marriage is to make babies. Many of his co-conspirators do believe this. But George does not mention it.

Many same sex couples want to get married even though they do not fit into George's definition of traditional marriage. They are told that as they cannot make babies, they cannot call their union a marriage.

George's son, Mark and his wife are married, have been for many years.

George's definition of marriage is very convenient and adaptable. It seems to depend on who he is prepared to upset and who he doesn't want to upset.

Come off it, George! There's no such thing as a perfect marriage as defined by you and your cronies as you know full well from watching the tears being shed. You can't just draw the line where it suits you and your particular circumstances. I accuse you of inconsistency bordering on the grossly hypocritical.



  1. All I have to do is see George Carey’s name and it affects my blood pressure. (I suppose I really need to do some inner work around that….)

    But you already know that, MP.

    I really have never understood what his problem is but it’s something.

  2. Yes, I think most everybody’s grandmother used to say that! 🙂

    Over here, the wind doesn’t have to change. You just make a face often enough and it will freeze that way.