At this precise moment the BBC News channel is showing an interview with a little girl. She is homeless and her mother is eating rats to stay alive. Before this interview they went down into the storm drains of Los Angeles where three to four hundred people live and where every time it rains they are flooded out.

The United States of America is in the middle of their second civil war. People are dying like they do in any war but it's not being reported as a war because the side that is winning has complete control of the media. What is more nobody has died on the winning side yet. But it's only a matter of time.

After the Berlin Wall came down the rich in the west started to believe that they could do whatever they wanted and that there was no one around who could stop them. But it is my opinion as an outsider that in the United States the situation is very near the tipping point. Very soon the poor of America will realise that their lives are not worth living and at that point they will become prepared to fight back even knowing that they may die doing so.

My prediction is that as soon as this happens in the USA it will start to spread throughout the western world. The rich of the west think the Arab Spring is restricted to just muslim countries. I think it is a muslim response to an evil that is being done throughout the world and that it is only a matter of time before their revolutionary fervour starts to spread outside the muslim world.

It's happened before.



  1. Yes, I have thought this recently. I think of it as a clean, pure revolution, a deathless Occupy Movement. But I know in my heart it will not be like that. I am not fomenting this revolution. I only realize that it is most likely coming. The dissolution of the middle class makes my country like pre-revolution France. I am saddened that the powerful won’t, in fact refuse to, realize it’s in their self-interest to let go of power and the wealth that comes with it and fuels it.

  2. You hit the nail on the head here, Lois. The majority of the people the BBC interviewed on the streets were middle class people or skilled working people who had previously enjoyed a middle class lifestyle. This means that the rich are now making intelligent people very angry and all revolutions have been led by intelligent members of the middle class. This is especially true in the USA which was born out of middle class freemasonry and other middle class groups of free thinkers.

  3. On the contrary…for all the ugliness, the middle class has a long way to go before we are truly in trouble…and as long as there is a shred of middle class eager to hang onto our sliver of the pie, there will be no revolution.

    Oh, no doubt we will piss and moan loudly on social media, but not a damn thing will be done for the destitute. This will “feel” like we are doing something, while we continue to buy our genetically altered imitation food, spend ourselves into debt on worthless crap from China, and debate about the latest obsession on television. Worse yet, liberal democrats will continue to support politicians like Obama who sucks the corporate teats on the left side of the sow because we are afraid of the alternative.

    I have come to understand why the Bolsheviks hated the middle class more than the rich.

    How many of those sewer people would be able to live in our middle class dwellings? How many of us would agree to Soviet level austerity in order to eliminate homelessness? How long before we would balk and whine about private property and I worked hard for this?

    Plenty of us already begrudge the poor their iPhones and X boxes and shoes and bling – they are not clearly poor enough.

    Many times in the past the government has used force against the people and we are no where close to that yet…the middle class did not rise up in rebellion. So our social network tantrum over pepper spray is pathetic and sad.

  4. I agree that the comfortable middle class will do nothing but talk about this and will side with the Republicans if they were ever asked to actually give stuff up for their beliefs. But this does not apply to the homeless and middle class unemployed and those now in shit jobs who have nothing to lose anymore. There are thirteen million unemployed in the USA. Half of one percent of them could trigger social breakdown. And the underclass will take advantage of any stretching of law enforcement manpower. Intelligently manipulated rioting is what the rich fear most of all.

  5. Would that you were right, MP, but thee have always been middle class drop outs…they make great news stories. The peak of the socialist movement, more like a speed bump, occurred when thousands were lining up to eat at soup kitchens, when there were no social security, medicare or medicaid in existence…when union organizers were being killed, when American apartheid was in full swing, and it never got off the ground. By comparison we are living in paradise…so I don’t expect much any time soon.

  6. I agree with you completely Jonathan. The children I teach are beginning to suffer more and more, with little to no food over the weekends and their parents are being laid off or fired without explanation. They just go into work one day and are told not to come back. They move from place to place until they aren’t allowed in anymore.

    Soon, very soon, this will creep further up the social scale. I see it already in the legislation that ALEC is pushing in state after state. Wages are being decimated, pensions lost forever, bargaining rights for workers eliminated, gas and food prices rising. The center cannot hold.

    God help us all.

  7. No, MP, the comfortable middle class will also stand by the Democrats, just as beholden to the corporations as the Republicans…and both sides will gladly give up handfuls of liberty and encourage the government to use any force necessary to keep the peace.

  8. You think you’re living in paradise only because you don’t have a free media. The rest of the world is watching an America getting very close to the situation you describe, Renz. And, as I say, it’s a numbers game. You don’t need anywhere near a majority to kickstart social unrest.

  9. the comfortable middle class will also stand by the Democrats, just as beholden to the corporations as the Republicans

    You’re just repeating what I said, Renz, but with more words.

  10. I’m sure you’re right, Brian. I really do believe that you are in the middle of a “What if they threw a civil war and nobody dared admit it was happening” situation.

  11. Jonathan, I said by comparison we are living in a paradise – the point being that things are no where near what they were in the 1930’s and, yet, even then socialism couldn’t get a toe hold.

    I may have used more words but only because it seemed you wanted to suggest only Republicans would support the status quo.

    No doubt exposes on the States makes brilliant television over there, must get awesome ratings.

    I hold to my belief that this is all part of Huxley’s control by entertainment…this blog, Facebook, BBC exposes on sewer people living on rats, American Idol, Top of the Pops…

    We love to piss and moan and nothing REAL ever occurs. By the way, people living in shit conditions living on garbage and rats is nothing new.

  12. Every revolution has its cynics who just sit there moaning that it’s never going to work. It’s a good way of avoiding getting your hands dirty.

  13. As long as people are under the spell of Fox, they will not do anything. They refuse to see the trouble they caused by electing fools. Part of me wishes they could reap the benefits of their stupid willful blindness but then I would have to also and that is scary. But it could be a long hot summer in the US.

    wv=”assoban magnitude”. How I wish!

  14. As long as liberals are under the spell of Obamas and Clintons and believe there is any real difference there will never be a revolution.

    So, Jonathan, and what have you done to dirty your hands?

    Hey, did you follow the link I put up for you on FB? It links my cynicism to Huxley…

  15. Well, I’ve fought national front skinheads in Brick Lane, been involved in a couple of riots that got me on a secret service black list (which I found out when I was turned down for a civil service job. I’ve lived in squats. I’ve spent nights on the street. And I’ve resolutely refused to accept your pragmatic advice over the last six years which has left me with no job but with my integrity intact and with enough street cred to call for a fecking revolution if I want to. Oh, and none of the things I have ever fought for have been anything to do with me getting a better deal.

  16. I think you are mistaken, Renz. I live, work, and walk among the poor every day and believe me they are reaching critical mass. Crime is increasing, especially now that the US government has so clearly demonstrated that there is a two-tier justice system in place now: one for bankers and corporate masters who are free to steal billions of dollars and real estate without consequence and one that sends young black and Hispanic men to jail for years over smoking a joint or stealing a candy bar.

    They know there’s little left to lose and they are starting to act more and more restless. Murder, breaking and entering, carjacking, and petty fraud are all on the rise here in my neck of the woods, all symptoms of the stress on the social fabric.

    All it will take is a catalyst and I believe one is coming soon. I see that half a million people are marching in Spain today. Greece burned last week. It’s only a matter of time.

  17. Boys, please, no pissing contest. You’ve all seen the Wobbly cartoon of chuckling Mr Moneybags setting the white worker and black worker against each other.

    We’re ALL hurting, ALL on the verge of despair, ALL looking for threads of Hope, but wondering if they’re an illusion.

    Let’s not take it out on each other. Let’s {Christian-speak alert} nurture each other in Christ—SEEING CHRIST in each other (even when/esp. when one or more of us is in Gethsemane)

  18. I read about the revolutionary movements of the 18th. Century recently. It was amazing how fast they spread throughout the world – the whole world. And there was no internet or global village then. It’s a mistake to think what happens in North Africa stays in North Africa. heck, you could almost throw a stone across the Straits of Gibraltar.

  19. I was asked a question, JCF. I answered it as to not have done so would have indicated that I’m not prepared to get my hands dirty. Although why anybody would doubt my stupidity when it comes to getting involved in somebody else’s fight is beyond me.

  20. You really are a jack ass. Pay pal canceled. I’ll leave you to your delusions. Next time you wax poetic about your mental health try including narcissistic personality disorder.

  21. Renz, you may want to go see about treatment yourself for passive aggressiveness. I know it when I see it because I’ve lived with it all my life. You frequently come here and get in pissing matches with Jonathan and then blow up. Not healthy. And a gift given conditionally is no gift at all, especially when used as a weapon. You should be ashamed of yourself for highjacking this thread, derailing it repeatedly, and then acting like an ass.

    Anyways, peace to all of us mad people.

  22. To be honest, I haven’t got a clue what has just gone down. If somebody could explain it to me I would be grateful. Especially the “narcissistic personality disorder” thing. Was I supposed to say I had never done anything to back up what I say I believe in. I feel like a trap has been set that I had no option of walking into.

  23. Renz has unfriended me on facebook as well. I really am confused. As far as I can see this is all because I refuse to give up on people. That, at heart, I’m an optimist. Which takes some doing when you’re a clinical depressive.

  24. Renz, in my experience does not suffer disagreement well. I am not sure why or how, but that is what I see. I think you did nothing wrong, he was building up to his grand dismissal and nothing was going to dissuade him.


  25. I hate losing friends. It happens far too often and it’s always so quick when it does happen. Sometimes being a blogger is very painful.

  26. Sometimes being human is very painful.

    Like I said over on FB – you’ve got more street cred in your pinkie finger than I have in my whole damn body.

    I’m so sorry, Jonathan. FWIW, you’ve still got me. 🙂

  27. {Le Sigh}

    The Wealthy Right cries “Class Warfare!”, and then the Disempowered Left forms a circular firing-squad…

    Kyrie eleison.
    Christi eleison.
    Kyrie eleison.

  28. “unfriended me on facebook”

    Yet another reason I resist being Zuckerbuggered. If I were on FB, I can imagine friending/unfriending Certain Persons *dozens* of times.

    Instead, I know when just to take a time-out, and {pout} for a while…

  29. Well, rich or poor, the free ride will be over soon enough. The US is quickly reaching the point that other economies in the world will realize there is NO way we can repay the debt we’ve built up. When that happens, we will make Greece look like a kids’ pinata party. What is happening in Greece today will be the US in about 5-6 years, and we do not have the political will or smarts to realize we are about out of time. When we have to pay our debts ourselves, with no other countries willing to do so except for brutal interest rates, then we’ll understand what went wrong, maybe. But there are a lot of dumb people who haven’t a clue about what is about to happen, so they will keep electing the fools and brigands we have now.

  30. Half of the people in the US do not make enough money to pay taxes. Of those who CAN pay,the top 5% pay less in taxes than rest. Put on top that 2/3 of all corporations pay nothing and the effective tax base has shrunk to the point that it is becoming increasingly untenable, especially as much of the elected government actively refuses to exercise governance in lieu of lining their own pockets and trying to make ‘those other guys’ look bad.

    The center cannot hold because the center has been eroded to the point that it barely exists. I would love to argue where you are so very wrong in your pessimistic and apocalyptic views, MP, but I do not see an outcome which is significantly different from yours.

  31. Maybe it’s too early in the morning here for me to think straight (yeah, probably) but I really don’t get what Renz is/was upset about. Sad. His loss, IMHO.

    And also: what Brain said.

  32. All that said, I think there is some level of truth to some of the points Larry made, about as long as people have their bread & circuses (iPods, Facebook, etc) they’ll not rock the boat too much. I often suspect myself of being just that type of person. I admit to being completely chicken-shit about getting my ass arrested (say, during an Occupy event) and losing what little I do have, which basically comes down to my job and my furniture that I inherited from my dad & grandparents. And a little bit of money from Dad’s estate.

    It ain’t much, but it’s mine, and it’s all I’ve got.

    Oh, and Gus-Gus. 🙂

  33. One problem is that in order to fight, people must see that the struggle affects them directly. Too many people cannot empathize with those currently struggling until the problem affects them. Then they see the problem. This is why many do not sympathize with the downtrodden, and expect them to lift themselves alone with no help from anyone else. When the housing market first collapsed in 2008, there were tent cities all over the country. I haven’t seen much about these recently, but those folks had to have gone somewhere, or maybe the tent cities are still there but nobody talks about them anymore.

  34. Dated: 14th. February 2012

    Under President Obama the number of U.S. citizens living in deep poverty has exploded. Forty-seven million Americans now live below the poverty line, the highest recorded number in more than 50 years. Tent cities, springing up in parts of Michigan and Florida, are bringing the statistics to life in a new way.

    The BBC found entire families living in tents, either unemployed or earning too little to afford rent. Several years of high unemployment have led roughly 5,000 people to live in these tent camps across America. Most have no toilets. In the community the BBC found, electricity is only available in one communal tent where a stove is kept on for warmth.

    Conditions are unhygienic. Asked about sanitation in the camps, resident Alana Gehringer told the BBC about “black mold.”

    “It was on our pillows, it was on our blankets, we were literally rubbing our faces in it sleeping every night,” she said.

  35. No, Tracie. But being English I would automatically assume that a politician would not deliver everything he or she promised to get elected and would still have given him 100% support for a couple of years so he had the confidence to at least get some reforms through. I still believe strongly that Democrats started dissing him far too quickly and this no doubt led to many of his compromises with the right. The American left needs to more realistic and more devious. All the right can do is shout and bully. The left has the brains. Why on earth don’t they use them and stop shooting themselves in the foot.

  36. The American left needs to be MORE devious? What a complete load of shit. They are ALREADY devious. meaning they lie, cheat and steal to press their ideology. You think I want some version of your European BS MadPriest? REALLY?

    I’ll be standing on the right, when this begins. And the bullying I’ve seen has come from your glorious left.

    Fuck ’em.


  38. I’d be careful trying to incite a second civil war. Every leftist I know refuses having weapons in their home, every conservative I know owns and likes to use weapons. That isn’t likely to make for a happy situation for those on the left should such a revolution begin.

  39. Regardless of what anyone thinks, there is without a doubt civil unrest. If there was not, we wouldn’t have threads, blogs, and (at least) where i’m at, have it within everyday discussions. What do ya know? I live in Maryland. Right by the shithole’s capital! Someone may think that it is not going to come to war, but it is. I, for one (please call me heartless for this) will be glad to fight to my end for what is right. I’d like to join a revolutionary army if there is one. If your against doing something about this mess, we know, as well as you, where you stand. I’m willing to give up the O.K. Life I have, not the horribly shitty one that others may have, but the O.K. One I have to stand up not for but with those who have nothing.

  40. I’d be honored to join a revolution thats for breaking the hold the rich and powerful have over america. Your ancestors, as well as mine fought against tyranny. Even when they thought that they ought to lose they still fought! Not because they wanted something better! But, because they knew in their hearts and souls, what they fought for was for humanity to be free from oppression, and for humanity to ultimately be FREE! Our fore fathers wanted equal opportunity for all! Not for just the rich and they’re twisted little kids who would be damn glad to have you, not working, slaving for them!

  41. I work for a corporation. I have watched for four & a half years, the seperation of classes. They just finished firing the rest of the decent paid supervisors where I work. Why just them, you ask? Well, they already have gotten rid of the associates who were making decent money. How, you ask? Management told the supervisors to stop helping with any physical labor. That’s not bad you say? Next, they start cutting hours like they’re a samurai prepping for battle. The first to suffer are the part- timers whom they hired over full time people to save themselves money on their bonus. Now that the store is staffed with mostly part-time associates, the full-time guys have to work harder training part-timers who don’t care because they have no full-time involvement in their job. Now the full-timer has to pick up the slack of the part-timers while still Maintaining their level of performance. They have no incentive to do any of this. And, why should they? So some manager can have a nice bonus Check? Don’t excuse my language, FUCK THAT! Everyone at my workplace wants to leave. Except for the few that still think they can make something of themselves. I’m more aggravated for them than they are for themselves! They don’t yet realize the true nature of the beast they call management. I guess they have yet to discuss the pay they intend to give them for their loyalty. How would you feel if you were an associate going to be supervisor for $1.50 more max. But, wait! There’s more! They make $8.50 an hour at the moment. Now, of course some of you geniuses, are going well thats a fair increase. It might be in an alternate reality where money doesn’t mean shit, but it does in this one thanks to shitty people. So, you’re now making $10/hr.. Proud? Maybe if I wasn’t making more than you and you’re my boss. I work so damn well they haven’t found a reason to fire me yet. The point is, they did away with anyone making a decent, not good, but decent amount of pay so they can justify hiring people for the shit pay they do. You can say its not intentional. I Might agree with you. But somewhere down the line it is intentional. All because most rich people/politicians don’t want to grow and shrink with their business ventures. They just want to grow regardless of who suffers. Revolution will be needed, not contemplated, with the way this country is heading. Just remember this……AMERICA WAS FOUNDED THROUGH REVOLUTION! I’m ready to go back to our moral roots….you’re probably not. If you are then contact me. It will be hard to do. If you’re the one to lead us UP the right path, then you have me by your side 100%. If you’re looking for a leader, you won’t find it. Humanity, we, should lead ourselves. Not these dumb, base, creatures, that we gave the benefit of the doubt to. We tried their way, it messed us up bad. Physically, and psychologically. Now it is time to take back what is ours. Revolution is off in the distance, I’m ready for it’s arrival. Fighting tyranny with those around you….. It doesn’t get more patriotic American than that. I hope what I’ve typed inspires you to revolt or come together as a whole. If humanity is whole then I win. If humanity severely cripples itself to do away with its cancer, I win. Last thought, those who support this evil are no better than those that impose it. It sounds as if I’m a disgruntled worker. That would be true. But this is happening everywhere in the country. I can’t wait to bleed the life out of those responsible. Please, do call me heartless. It isn’t there for you, just those who deserve it.