As we in the developed world become less inclined to join groups, more contained within our immediate family units and paranoid about everyone else, we are becoming invisible to each other.

From THE LOCAL (France):

The body of a man who died three years ago was not discovered until one of his neighbour's heard a radio playing in his apartment. The grim discovery in an apartment block in the eastern city of Strasbourg was made at the weekend after the neighbour called police about the radio which had been at full blast, day and night, for two weeks. When police entered the apartment, they found it filled with pigeons which had got in through a window. They believe one of them had switched on the radio by sitting on it.

The man's death had not been alerted to any authorities as his rent had continued to be paid by direct debit from his bank account.

"People don't really known each other much," said one resident.



  1. In your own country, MP. Google “Dreams of A Life”

    May the forgotten—eternally remembered by God—rest in peace. And make us MINDFUL of all the Imago Dei!

  2. That’s a funny photoshop. But yes thing happens too often.

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  3. Perhaps your troll will find it totally discouraging to try to get through the double blind verification word system.. . .

    Aside from that, your toon is very funny and the accompanying story very sad.

  4. There are worse cases, things worse than neglect. There was a man in Marseilles who kept his mom’s corpse wrapped in layers of plastic bags with those pine tree car air fresheners and kept collecting her pension and state support checks for five years after she’d died. Every time they called to check on her, he imitated her voice and managed to fool them. He was only caught when someone new moved in and wondered what that smell was.