But no need to panic yet. You still have plenty of time to purchase the first edition of my brand new, monthly prayer resource, accurately entitled "New Words For Holy Communion."

This collection of all new words for use in eucharistic services is not just for priests, vicars and church ministers, it also contains much that can be used by anybody involved in the prayer life of the Church.

For example, here are the intercessions and the canticle from the service I cobbled together for the feast day of the Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary."


Through the message of an angel, you called Mary to be the bearer of your eternal Word. In Mary you became as one with us and creation was reborn. May we accept our holy calling to cast aside our own concerns and willingly pursue your will. May we be bearers of the good news of salvation and, inspired by your Holy Spirit, give birth to Christ in the lives of your children here on earth.

The message your angel, Gabriel, brought to Mary was good news for all people in all the world and for all time. Cast down the greed and selfishness of the rich and powerful and inspire those with authority to seek accordance with your will; to raise up the poor, remove oppression and feed the hungry.

You chose a lowly, powerless, young woman to be the mother of your Son, the King of Glory. You still choose the ordinary to fulfil your will on earth. Be with us in our everyday lives. Be with our families and our friends. Be with our children and protect them from those who seek to do them harm. Surround us with love so we may grow strong in faith and hope, and resolute to proclaim our inheritance as children of God in all we say and do.

You protected Mary as she bore and gave birth to your Son and chose Joseph, the carpenter, to care for her. Keep in your loving care all women in pregnancy and childbirth. Help fathers to live up to their vocation of parenthood and keep them in good health so they may provide for their families as you provide for your family here on earth.

The shadow of his crucifixion hung over your Son as he was conceived in Mary's womb. His birth would lead to death, but his death would lead to resurrection and eternal life for all your children. Send your angels to bear all who die into the new life of your Kingdom. May they rest in peace and be born again in glory.

With Mary, the mother of our Lord, your holy angels and all the family of God, we offer up our prayers to you, our loving Father.


R: Give thanks for the goodness of the Lord
whose mercy will endure for ever.

Every part of me shouts out the greatness of the Lord;
my very being rejoices in God who has saved me;
I am blessed for ever for the Lord has done great things for me;
holy is the name of the Lord. R.

In every age God has been merciful
to those who have shown him true reverence.
God has shown his strength by scattering
the proud and the boastful and arrogant. R.

God has thrown the mighty from their thrones
and raised up the humble and lowly.
God has fed the hungry with delicious food
whilst rejecting the greed of the rich. R.

God has come to the help of his people
according to what he promised
to our ancestors from the beginning
and to their children for evermore. R.

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