Saint Laika's the blog is dead. It is no more.

Long live Saint Laika's the website!

Yes! Good news, everybody.

To help in my promotion of "New Words For Holy Communion," my podcasts and Ellie's "The Anchorhold," I have invested in a real website with a real domain name and everything. Over the last few weeks I have been building it up which explains why things have been a bit quiet around here. I'm sure I will need to tweak it over the coming weeks and months but it's okay for now. It's user friendly, informative and funny (just like it's two hosts).

So, please, please CLICK HERE and check it out. Browse the different pages. Click on the links to make sure they are working. Join in the conversations at The Forum and/or start a new one. Download some stuff and subscribe to "New Words" if you think it would be useful to you.

More than anything, I would love you to promote this website at your own places. "Like it" on facebook and other social network sites. Help me to achieve my aim of becoming self financing which would really cheer Mrs MP up. And a happy Mrs MP means a happy MadPriest. And you want me to be happy, don't you?



  1. I think it is very well done. I have FB, Twitter, and Google+ promo’d it. I will write something about it on my blog too, so both of my readers will know about it. 😉

    Did you use Xyampp to design and implement it?


  2. Congrats on your new website! It looks great! And thanks for the ad for “Art That Dares.” It also looks great! I didn’t know that they charged more for the book through Amazon UK than Amazon USA.

  3. Yes they do. I suppose it is because they have imported it from the States. I often find that UK companies charge more for their importing costs than it costs to import privately.

  4. Love it! Love the new banner, love the new domain, love the new possibilities!

    Bravo, MP.

    Holy Laika, wag for this new endeavor. Amen.

  5. That’s it, widget! All I could think of was badge. Thanks, MP. I’ll wait for it.
    Tomorrow I’ll have some time to look it over more, suscribe to “New Words”, do more advertising/links. The last two weeks have been massively fraught.

    wv=inarrian. What happens to the incarnation when a person just can’t find time to stop.

  6. I looked through it last night and it looks great. I think I checked all the links and anything I clicked on was working.

    My only suggestion would be to leave out the bit about the bishop on the page, Who We Are. I think it gives it a bad vibe.

    I would say:

    “He would really like to be a parish priest but a period of serious mental illness over ten years ago left him unsupported by the church hierachy who seem to believe that priests who suffer depression should never work again. Thus, so far, he has not realised his dream.”

    The reason I would say that is because its not just the bishop who has shafted you it is everyone else who has stood by and not stepped in and stood up for you. One person, even if they are a bishop, can never have so much power unless they are aided by others. And by mentioning “the bishop” I belive you are letting too many other people, including other bishops, off the hook.