1. a ¨lobotomised sea cucumber¨ (hysterically funny)…or simply a parrot that repeats whatever is repeated over and over again and thinks it makes sense…squawk! Meanwhile the ¨Dastardly Dads¨ blogspot has been busy reporting real mischief (as have you).


  2. Many gay men married (“we”) married one individual woman??? :-


    In THAT case, maybe those gay men’s “gay marriage” COULD be compared to polygamy!

    Very informative, ProstateP.

    [But SRSLY. Has OCICBW descended into Friday Follies today or what? My Yank proclivities for Poe’s Law mean I’m having trouble telling the trolls from the provocateurs. Provocatrolls? :-X]

  3. From a medical standpoint anal intercourse, in contrast to vaginal intercourse, poses serious risk to its participants. The rectum differs from the vagina with respect to suitability for penetration by a penis, limb or inanimate object (Agnew, 1985; Diggs, 2002; Koop, 1990). The vagina is designed to expand, is supported by a network of muscles and produces natural lubricants. It is composed of a mucus membrane with a multi-stratified squamous epithelium that allows it to endure friction without damage. The anus, in contrast, is designed to allow passage of fecal material out of the body. It is composed of small muscles and significantly more delicate tissues. Consequently, anal intercourse often results in anorectal trauma, hemorrhoids and anal fissures. With repeated trauma, friction and stretching, the anal sphincter loses its tone. Chronic leakage of fecal material has been known to develop from penile/anal intercourse alone; for those engaging in fisting this is a more common problem (Agnew, 1985; Diggs, 2002; Wolfe, 2000). In addition, fisting places the recipient at risk for a variety of anorectal traumas.

  4. Why oh why is it that only trolls know so much about what lgbt people do? What is interesting to me is that as fixated on lgbt sexual conduct as they are, they seem to get it wrong. If IF they could get partners, they might be a lot better off getting past their fears and exploring their fixations.


  5. I do these postings as an experiment to analyze the nature of the responses. I’ve posted such material in the past, which has always received the same response, ie, a challenge to my motives as opposed to a challenge to my facts, which remain the same regardless of whether or not I have any inclination toward homosexuality. As it happens, I do not, although the mere inclination is not, of itself, something to be ashamed of.

  6. You’re right, troll. Compared to your pitiful, sneaky, malicious, hate filled, completely wasted life there is little any person should be ashamed of.

  7. The only problem with the negative adjectives you applied to me is that you didn’t apply enough of them. Nevertheless, facts are facts, and we should be EXTREMELY cautious about encouraging people into behavior that leads them into psychological or physical misery.

  8. Do you ever bore yourself, troll?
    Do you get annoyed at the way you can’t control your repetitive actions?
    I assume you live in the USA and can’t afford the treatment.

  9. You can add insult upon insult, knowing that I don’t make claim to any personal merit, but that in no way alters the accuracy of what I’ve been saying.

  10. The thing is, troll, nobody cares how accurate your claims are. We simply do not believe that because something may be dangerous to its practitioner that it should be banned. I drive a car. That is not only dangerous for me it is dangerous for others as well. Two men fucking is only a potential danger to themselves. So, morally, me driving a car is a much bigger sin than gay sex.

    And what is perversity? I think your compulsion to leave comments about bottoms over and over and over again is extremely perverse. It’s certainly more anti-social than two men fucking in the privacy of their own home.

    I do not want you to comment on my blog anymore. You are not welcome here. If you ignore this request then you show everybody that you an immoral person and damn yourself.

  11. I’ll understand if you revert to moderation, MP.

    Absent that, recipes anyone?

    [I know it’ll be sinful—sin being something I’m sure our troll will confirm—but I’ve had my eye (taste-buds) on a “Coca-Cola Cake” recipe I found shortly before my birthday. If only someone would bake it for me :-p(maybe next year)]

  12. I didn’t speak of sin or perversity, but I did speak of what you have now acknowledged to be a potential danger.

  13. “From a medical point of view…”

    Oh yeah well that settles it then.

    What about from the economic point of view? As a heterosexual I’ve been stuck right up the arse by having so many children. And what if i skydived or drove a racing car? From a medical point of view there are all sorts of things you wouldn’t do, including driving a car as the Mad One says. And if I smoked, to cope with the stress, what about that? Has the troll seen how much shit runs out your bum after your dead from lung cancer?

    I think the troll might be anally preoccupied. He’s still looking for the pats on the head. Forget it. There will come a day, for all of us, when we can no longer control our bum hole. Fortunately, for most of us, our mum won’t be around to care.

  14. Oh and I forgot the obvious.

    From a medical point of view its too bad if you are a heterosexual and you have one of those prostate antigen tests, the PSA. You’ll end up with a beefy ex-footballer urologist twisting your prostate out with his fingers or boring it out with a machine and chances are you’ll be pissing into a nappy like a baby for the rest of your life.

    And if you have a colonoscopy and they find a cancer early enough, they’ll cut out a big length of your colon and sew up your rectum into a blind pouch (not unlike a vagina as it turns out) and you’ll be shitting into a bag for the rest of your days.

    The point is there are medical hazards every day.

    Do not bow down and worship the body.

  15. Um, w/ those posts above me, Boaz :-X, I no longer think a Coca-Cola Cake recipe is appetizing.

    I’ll save it for the next troll outbreak (which I’m afraid return as predictably—and annoyingly—as mosquitoes in the spring…)

  16. I think we have consistently said that this Anonymous meathead’s “data” was as spurious as he/she/it’s reasons for posting here.