In honour of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, OCICBW... has today announced a new award which will, no doubt, become as internationally coveted as BRICK OF THE DAY.

The new accolade will be known as THE MIMI and will only be awarded to sweet, little, grey-haired, old ladies with spunk.

The first recipent of this major gong is Joan Clark of Braughing, Hertfordshire, England.


After 84 years of working as a church organist, 95-year-old, Joan Clark has retired from her job. To mark her retirement, Joan received a personal letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

More than 300 friends attended a celebratory service held for her at St Mary the Virgin Braughing, where she was presented with a long-service medal from The Royal School of Church Music, a certificate, an engraved rose bowl, flowers, a cake and an autograph book signed by her many friends.

Mrs Clark started playing the organ at the Congregational Chapel when she was 11-years-old.

Well done, Joan. Putting up with Anglicans singing hymns badly for that number of years shows either extreme fortitude or profound deafness. As we assume the former in your case, you are hereby, deservingly, added to THE MIMI hall of fame.



  1. Oh. I thought it was one of those “How many sweet, little, grey-haired, old ladies does it take to change a light bulb” jokes.

    Now I’m disappointed.

  2. Oh stop it, you two – Bud Abbott and Lou Costello? Is that the answer?
    But seriously, 95 years old – and look how cute she still looks. Lovely.

  3. Mimi, in honor of your new award, can we see *you* dancing on a piano? (you can use the top, no keys necessary)


    God bless, Joan!

  4. Gracie Allen’s surefire recipe for the perfect roast…buy two roasts, one large and one small…place in oven…when small roast is burned the large roast is done.