1. I thought he was local. That’s Stadium High School in Tacoma Washington in the background (Originally built with railroad money as a hotel.).

  2. Hmmmm…I finally got to watch this after it being reposted on
    FB over and over…

    Most of the other world religions place the greater emphasis on living the faith over believing the faith. A common problem IMO with the Christian “religion” as it plays out in some denominations is the constant profession of one’s belief…yet, to quote that Wendy’s commercial of years past, “Where’s the beef?”

    I think that at least on one level he is really attacking the if I show up on Sunday I’m good mentality.

    What he is saying isn’t all that different from another common meme I’ve seen reposted over and over on Facebook – the one that says “Standing in a church on Sunday makes me a Christian about as much as standing in a garage makes me a car.”