You have a choice tonight. You can either listen to the beautiful music or just gaze at the beautiful album cover. Of course, you could do both but be careful, too much of a good thing is not always good for you.

American tenor Michael Slattery makes his ATMA recording debut on La Nef’s latest offering, Dowland in Dublin. Slattery, Sylvain Bergeron and Seán Dagher worked together on these new arrangements of Dowland’s well-known airs, giving them a simple, Celtic flavor. In selecting the music for this project they decided to focus on the lighter-hearted side of Dowland, who is best known for his beautiful if sombre songs.

Michael Slattery has appeared in opera houses around the world including Lincoln Center, Royal Festival Hall in London, Châtelet Theatre and the Staatsoper Berlin. A versatile artist, he has also been praised for his performance of traditional repertoire: "Michael Slattery has a stellar career ahead of him. It's a real joy to hear this traditional music... performed beautifully and idiomatically by such a talented and serious artist." (Gramophone)





  1. I would rather have the cd. I know that I could download to itunes, but I need the notes and pictures, so I will go to Amazon tomorrow or the next day and order.

    The combination of those instruments and his are so wonderful. They may be lighter than a lot of Dowland, but the last one made my heart melt in the most delicious way. I wish I could hear him live. . .

  2. They are all back East in New York. I live as far away as I can be in California. If it were as close as Lindesfarne is to you, I would find a way to go.

  3. My Tuesday went downhill shortly after I commented. Two parishioners caught in an early morning apartment fire, both in critical care unit. Prayers, please, for them their family, their congregation, and for me, their priest. Stay long enough and I find I’ve become a mourner as well as priest.
    Even more glad to have had this musical start to the day, and now I shall listen again.

  4. THAT’S MY COUSIN! Sorry for the capslock, I very occasionally check out this site and am completely gobsmacked to find his album here. Small world- he sang at our wedding!

  5. Wow! I bet that was very special.

    I am no expert when it comes to classical music and I don’t know what I’m supposed to like. This means I only buy records which sound good. And your cousin sounds very good to me. I love his clear, unadorned vocal lines and his lack of affectations. He also does not demand, like so many singers, to be centre stage all the while and he allows the instrumentation to fully play its part. He has been lauded by all the major classical music media in the UK. My guess is that he will be turning up all over the internet very soon and you will stop being surprised when you read his name on some obscure blog like mine.