"The Bulgarian Orthodox Church will come out stronger from its ordeals after the announcing of a number of senior clergy's affiliation with ex-communist secret services, said Plovdiv bishop Nikolay."

That is such a ridiculous and just plain wrong statement and yet it is one that church authorities blurt out regularly especially after they have been well and truly caught doing something naughty. The most obscene example of this spin in recent times has been when the Roman Catholic hierarchy has used it to try and deflect sympathy away from the victims of sexual abuse (at the hands of priests) and towards themselves.

But, no. When a church does evil it does not make it stronger. It just makes people (outside of the church, at least) think "What an evil bunch of bastards." You don't get over that rap very quickly and you certainly don't grow in strength with it hanging over your head.

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  1. I may be wrong, but I think he’s saying that it’s the announcing (i.e., disclosure) that will make the BOC stronger. “The Truth Will Set You Free”. Not their involvement w/ the KGB itself!

  2. I think he is saying that they will become stronger because there naughtiness has been outed in the press. At least, that is what I’m referring to.