Erm? Wasn't that pretty much what I said - about a couple of years ago?

Being a Democrat president is like trying to run a shop with all the shop assistants telling everyone who comes in that the products you sell are all crap.

Thanks to my mate, John over on Facebook, for finding this graphic.

Thanks to me for the snark and gloating.



  1. I don’t think Clooney can take the high moral ground here. I saw what he did on his own campaign for President. He got that young assistant of his pregnant and he tried to hush that up. But yes, you were right Mad One.

  2. He got that young assistant of his pregnant and he tried to hush that up.

    Of course, if he had stood on the Republican ticket that wouldn’t have done him any harm whatsoever.

  3. Truly, MP, thou art a Master of Snark!
    I wonder where all of those super moral people are who were so merciless about Bill Clinton’s lapse and used it to
    Try to drive him from office? So now we have the Newtster
    Running for the same office and his record would make a toad blush! don’t hear a peep from the super moralists! I heard that Newt himself said that people weren’t as interested in what he has done personally as what he has to say……creepy!!!

  4. It’s weird. The USA has a reputation for being morally conservative and traditional. I really don’t think someone with the Grinch’s past would be selected to stand for parliament, let alone prime minister, in England. He would be regarded as untrustworthy and open to blackmail.

  5. NDAA is not something to be happy about. Once such things are signed into law, it’s extremely difficult to rescind them. I’m not happy with Obama about that. I’m also not happy about the mandate to buy health insurance from a private, for-profit provider (this portion of his health care reform bill kicks in 2 years from now). That scares the hell out of me.


    Obama isn’t as far left as people think.

  6. MP, this is how it works. Conservative people aren’t expected to live by example. Their job is to call the lower ranks to order. Their role is to impose. No one expects them to live by the same rules. That would be an imposition on them, which, because of their high station, it would be too much for them to bear. But the Democrats are judged differently. They are much more like us and so their role is to live the standard and in fact exceed the standard. Now you can apply this not just to morals but to all sort of criteria. The conservative will call for a return to “true family values” but the conservatives can also gain government by calling for a “restoration of national pride” or a “restoration of economic strength”. The are never judged or tested on whether this is actually achieved or not. It is enough that they espouse the hawkish rhetoric. Now your Democrats, on the other hand, are expected to actually deliver. Better economies. Better health care. Better national pride. We expect results from the democrats. From the conservatives we expect only the rhetoric. We vote in Conservatives when we are angry. Angry/frightened nations have conservative governments. Nations that are relaxed, and confident and with feelings of goodwill towards their fellow citizens will vote in Democrats but they’ll still (ridiculously) want the actual results at the end of 4 years, without any exceptions. I’ll wager that this is not just an American phenomenon but true for the UK and Australia. And I’ll wager that the conservatives know that any moral failings in their candidates are irrelevant when it comes to the voters.

  7. george did a time as a world messenger. he changed lives forever, although covered over by the forces of evil. the pronouncement of healing meds for disease and many others like living haelthy lives of hundreds of years. i know yet cannot access any info on his efforts to change the world.