It is with great personal pleasure that I can announce to the world that today is OCICBW... veteran, and all round pain the ass, JCF's fiftieth birthday. How our friend survived so long without being strangled is amazing, bordering on the miraculous.

We all wish JCF the best of days and a long and happy future.

Here is JCF (looking, I must say, rather babelicious in this photo - gorgeous teeth) with hiking buddy, Coco. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a caption to place in Coco's thought bubble. JCF has incredibly broad shoulders and, furthermore, deserves everything that's coming to him (her/whatever). So, off you go, then!



  1. Happy Birthday, JCF! When did you do away with the undercut? (My 16-year-old is planning on getting one for high school graduation.) Anyway best wishes for the year, good health, etc. etc.!
    (JB over in Oakland Co.)

  2. What’s an undercut? It sounds like a type of boxing punch, which wouldn’t surprise me with JCF, but I somehow doubt that is what you are referring to.

  3. Happy Birthday, JCF!!!

    CAPTION: I don’t want my picture taken!! I want to walk!! I want to run!! I WANT DOWN!!!!

    PS: “undercut” is still there, but because JCF’s hair is pulled back, you can’t see it as well. Sides & back of hair are still shortish.

  4. Happy Birthday JCF! BP and I will join you this year in the “big five-oh”.

    caption: “put me down and I”ll show ya…!”

  5. IT – 50?

    There’s someone else who, I am incredibly surprised, hasn’t been strangled yet.

    Why are all my friends so bolshie when I’m such a quiet, well-mannered, at times almost timid, individual?

  6. MP, an “undercut” is where the top of the head has longer hair than the lower areas (back &/or sides) of the head!!

    The “upper” areas are longer than the “under” areas.

    Does that help in your “under”standing or an “undercut”?

  7. Thanks for asking the question, MP, so that I didn’t have to publically show my ignorance. Thanks for the nice explanation, Skittles. I appreciate it.

  8. marcus of borg/jb: we’ve met??? O_o

    Well, there’s my 6th-decade cohort senility showing… }-p


    No, no undercut now (term’s new to me, too! To me, it was just “clipped on the sides & back”). I live w/ my 91 y.o. dad in the burbs…AND I’m unemployed. Having…”unusual” hair just wasn’t worth the hassle (more so at suburban church—that I grew up in—than from dad, truth to tell).

    My genderqueer props is that I still have to shave every couple of days. So there.


    Coco: “Yes, I know you’re everso impressed w/ yourself, JCF, w/ focusing the cameraphone (sans view-screen), accounting for the light, guesstimating the shutter touch-spot on the screen, keeping me from wiggling out of the frame AND dealing w/ that Big Black WET Lab who just shook the American River on us . . . but I just smelled a squirrel! Priorities!”

    Thanks all.

  9. To be serious for a moment: Coco’s pack leader is my neighbor, Nancy. I love to take Coco hiking at any rate, but it’s partly also because Nancy *badly* broke her leg last summer. It hasn’t healed well—she just had surgery, and she’ll need more—and is also fighting an infection in it. Please keep her in your prayers.

  10. MadPriest, you are so knowledgeable about the undercut now. I had that cut for several years. If you undercut the top layer turns under ever so nicely and it looks very good! You should try it! 😉

  11. [Did my post re Coco’s pack leader—prayer request for—disappear, or is it just being moved?]

    Isn’t Coco adorbz?

    I’d never heard of a “Puggle” (Pug-Beagle cross), until I met her. Now, when I’m hiking every week w/ her @ Hoffman Park, people come up to me and say “What a cute Puggle!”

    [Her tongue is a face-seeking missile though: look out, she’ll getcha! *LOL*]

  12. Here is JCF (looking, I must say, rather babelicious in this photo – gorgeous teeth)

    As Jack Nicholson (As Good As It Gets) once said: “I tell ya, buddy, I’d be the luckiest man alive if that did it for me.”


    Love ya, Crazy @rse!

  13. [marcus of borg/jb: are you called Jay? Did we meet in Dexter MI ~2005? {scratching memory vaults}]

    Thanks again, all.

    The highlight of my birthday was a !surprise! visit by my brother, who flew up from El Lay. Good times!

    Coco: Yeah, I know I’m adorable. Less praise, more treats!

  14. Yes, yes, JCF. I posted a reply here to that effect, but either it got lost, or MP hasn’t yet moderator-approved it. It was inspired by the “John Kerry meetup groups” happening all over in 2004. We “met halfway” in Dexter, had a slice of pizza and talked politics, then went to St. James Episcopal in Dexter to hear a debate about teh gays between two local priests, one inclusive-progressive, the other (mine) NARTH-Exodus-conservative. Then we went to a pub for a beer, then went on our separate ways…