In the non-evangelical parts of the Church of England the most vociferous opposition to gay equality comes from gay men and lesbians who believe being gay or a lesbian is a sin or are just jealous because they hid their sexuality and don't see why young people don't have to.



  1. Ya think? Give me the willies (not in the English sense) to imagine that envy and self-loathing combo in play…for me, older, white, male, gay, it pleases me to think that LGBT Christians can live more honestly, openly and breath in and out without being abused and repressed by those who stand on feardriven and hatefilled foundations while interpretating a Trust in a God (that emotionally slaps the sh-t out of them and makes them liars and sexual thieves)!

  2. You are most certainly not English, Leonardo. If we had a bit of your Latin spirit perhaps our church wouldn’t be run and infested with so many repressed stuffed shirts.

  3. I´m one half, first generation, pure blooded, well, Hull/Yorkshire English…but, if I had any more ¨Latin Spirit¨ (especially Cuban and/or Puerto Rican), I´d be dead as a doornail (English or not) already! Now I´m living amongst the Maya–a prudent move.

  4. The Hull legacy!

    My Dad (and his brothers and sisters) and his Mom and Dad and the family is still there (they visit the Colonies sometimes and younger ones are quite attractive, smart and witty)…my Dad lived to be just short of 97 by two weeks (and all his brothers, many, except the active drunks, many, made it to ripe old ages)! Good olde Hull, stock (portions of it thrives today under the volcano)!

  5. Well, this is the most interesting thing I’ve learned this weekend. Beats the Jeffrey John story.

    Who’s have thought it?!

    To be honest, Leonardo, I would never have put you and Hull together in a million years. You’re fun and Hull is anything but fun. It was voted most boring town in Britain once -by the people of Hull.

  6. If your thought is true, and I have no reason to think it’s not given that it has come from the Mad Mind, it is beyond my ability to understand. Coming out in Evangelical Land at mid-life, I quickly discovered I never felt badly about people’s response to me, and generally what first came to mind was that what I was experiencing would make life better for those to follow (Though I did feel a bit badly for them since they might not get the opportunity to know their faith in the face of great opposition.).

  7. Hi KJ. Those who have studied the psychology of negative reaction to change in the Church of England, suggest that most opposition to female and (out) gay priests comes out of a resentment of the fact that “they” weren’t allowed to become priests. So, older women justify their life stories by insisting that they were the only ones allowed by God and gay priests justify their life of self-deception by insisting that such deception is required by God.

  8. Even I, who views marriage as a waste of time and endeavor and a tedious inversion of natural community, can feel happy for those who are happy in their marriage.