My cat, and best friend, Henry, is very poorly. He hasn't eaten for five days.

We spent all yesterday evening at the veterinary hospital. Blood tests aren't showing up anything obvious and physical examinations are drawing a blank as well.

Henry spent the night at the hospital and is now on a drip.

I fear I am about to lose my friend of nearly seventeen years because we simply cannot afford to do anything else. The man who made me redundant better hope that God is a dog person.



  1. Oh, Jonathan … the cats and I will storm heaven with prayers for you and dear Henry. Let’s hope that Henry’s time on earth will be extended and that he will be healthy once again.

  2. Sadly our cat did something the same a couple of years ago, poor thing just stopped eating and slowly faded away.

    I hope Henry is different and gets better!!

    Thinking of you MadPriest 🙂

  3. I am so very sorry, MP. I hope and pray that Henry revives and you have more time with him.

    This is such an odd holiday season for me, with the lives of humans and animals, old and young, in such precarious conditions. Prayers for all, those barely hanging onto life and all who love them, and special intentions for you, MP, and Henry, one of your dearest friends.

  4. Yes, 17 is a good age for a cat. I had one cat who lived just about that long. She passed away in 1994.

    I for one really hope it is NOT quite time for Henry to go, but cats can be funny like that. If they sense it’s time to go, they do things like refuse food, isolate themselves, etc.

    Sending big love to Henry – and to you too, Jonathan.

  5. “All cats go to heaven, they are not the ones who fucked up.” I so wish I had said that first, but I actually do believe it. Hugs, prayers and purrs.


  6. I share my most profound empathy with you, Jonathan. Our previous two cats died within a year of each other, 18 and 20 years of age. They were spectacular companions. They both had brushes with death years before their actual end. I wish for you for many more “brushes” in the next months and years, before your Henry finally does depart from your side. -Jay

  7. I shall storm heaven with prayers for you and Henry. I have lost three cats in my time, and thus know something of your pain.

    May God bless you both.

  8. I second JCF – it’s a brutal loss.

    Do not feel you’ve done less than you could have. Seventeen is a rather advanced age – fourteen is the average.