1. Left a comment on FB, too, but wanted to reiterate my condolences here as well. Much love to you and Mrs. MP, and may your grief be assuaged by the wonderful memories you have of Henry and his well-lived, well-loved life.

  2. That was wonderful, MP! I’m struck, now, by how much Henry looks like my late, great Balthazar. If not for that little dark spot on Henry’s lower lip, God would have a hard time telling them apart. Bless you all, MP.

  3. What a beautiful tribute, MP. Obviously you loved Henry very much. My Whitey passed on January 10, 2004. I will tell her to give Henry a special welcome and introduce him to so many of our other companion cats.

  4. Sorry to hear about Henry. The video is very touching. So hard to love loved ones like Hnery – my cat Kermit died 2008 and I still miss her a lot. Wish there was some way to make the pain go away, but the love and the pain seem to go together and I wouldn’t want to give up the love.

  5. ‘And sit on my lap, and purr and purr and purr and purr and that was good enough for me.’


    Yhank you and again, prayers for your aching heart.

  6. Wonderful.

    At the “purr and purr and purr”, I thought of my Schmutzy (who disappeared the night of Halloween, and I’ve never seen her since 🙁 ).

    Nice kitties. Hard to say Good-bye (or wish you’d been able to).

  7. You are so poetically gifted, btw.

    This is so wonderful. It really did break my heart the first time I listened to it.