The Episcopal Church of Sudan's retraction of their invitation to the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church in the USA is like the Jew set upon by robbers, upon his recovery, telling the good Samaritan to fuck off because he worships the same God in a different way.



  1. Exactly. ++Archbishop Bul specializes in squealing loud publicized noises in public places…sometimes desperately crying out for help for his followers who are persecuted in Sudan and other times (Lambeth Conference and now) crying out against some of the persecuted throughout the Anglican Communion–LGBT Christians, especially at TEC! I think the man needs far less travel to Gafconningvile meetups, or simply ought get on some heavy meds. It´s hard to think that the archibishop is spiritually or emotionally stable/sound with such ¨selective Scriptural¨ glaring grandstanding antics at Church.

  2. Can somebody please explain to me the large StandFirm-type pencil that’s apparently lodged in Martin Reynolds’ kiester?

    What a huge dollop of partizan spin in the comments above.

    This is a large failure of TECian polity.

    Much has been made up to now of the door Sudan was willing to keep open to TEC, there have been substantial “investments” made to help keep that door open and substantial threats made to see it was shut.

    The threats won………. and Sudan did far more than close the door to TEC …….they then went on to throw wide the gates to the ACNA.

    This is an unmitigated disaster for the PB and her cohorts – I can’t see why anyone should think spinning it otherwise helps.

    Posted by: Martin Reynolds on Tuesday, 27 December 2011 at 5:04pm GMT (Thinking Anglicans)

    I’m gob-smacked about this. I got nuthin’. Blighty-ans, translate?

  3. Reynolds is the “GOProud” of the (IIRC) Church in Wales?

    My take: his gut-level anti-(US)Americanism. TEC is Yank to him, and it’s just a Pavlovian response to pile on, if someone else throws the first blow.

  4. When he was at our parish as Bishop of Renk, before he became primate, the now ABp. responded to a direct question from my wife about where he and his church were on lgbt rights with, “The answer is, do not attempt to force your cultural imperatives on me, and I won’t try to force mine on you.” Sue-z now thinks of him as one of the most skilled liars she has ever encountered.