I have a strong stomach. I have been into some dark places myself and held the hands of people facing great personal suffering with strength and courage. But this record is too much, even for an experienced priest like myself. IT MAKES ME SICK!!!



  1. As a Yank, I apologize for America’s professional Christers, who perpetrated this oxymoronic mishmash. The fact that the tune, while mildly saccharine, is not totally obnoxious and not performed out of key somehow only makes the whole thing worse. If Jesus is the reason for their season, I hope they get none of the many other reasons that they list (although a few hundred sessions with the little drummer boy and that partridge and friends might be called for.

  2. Ugh. Only got through a minute and a half. For which I now have an excuse to say “Season’s Greetings!”:

    Io Saturnalia!
    Good Yule!
    Happy Hanukkah!
    Blessed Solstice!
    Merry Christmas!

    and probably a bunch more that I missed.

  3. Laughed and laughed…it parodies itself…

    Frankly I find out highly amusing that stores that begin dragging out the Christmas shit as early as Sept, instruct their employees not to say Merry Christmas as it might offend someone, because we’re such a secular and diverse society…except that we…ugh…make that same Christian holy day a federal holiday.

    A number of years ago the owner of a popular local business went and put Republican campaign signs out in front…in this rather heavily democratic community.

    Folks called for a boycott and you should have heard him scream. Yet he has never done it again.

    At the height of the Iraq war frenzy, I was vacationing downstate. All the businesses had put flags in their windows. I only spent my money in the one store that did not and told the manager so.

    Is this tacky? Yes, call it the Boycott Carol. But we tend to be such passive consumers, I won’t fault them for trying. I still won’t shop at Target. What makes my boycott valid but not theirs?

  4. Holy Lord, how can anyone be singing anger and using words like, “peace and love.” Makes me want to scream at someone.