I really do feel sorry for Jesus. The pain he suffered whilst he was on earth must pale into insignificance compared to the pain "sincere" American evangelicals with microphones inflict on him each and every Christmas. I bet he really looks forward to Epiphany.

Oh, wonderful. Miss Music Nerd has found the video.



  1. Some people should just not be allowed access to audio or video recording equipment…

    At least the accordion music in the background was nice.

  2. Fate struck a cruel blow: the bride asked me a question and I had to rewind and start over. Surely there is some dispensation for such a catastrophe – I need all the days off purgatory I can get…..

  3. OK, I watched the video for its amusement value–so awful it was funny. The end has a special bonus: I’ve rarely seen anyone so cheerful while threatening people with Hell.

  4. There are no days off purgatory. Just hold on to the fact that when I finish playing these tunes your life will seem so much better.

  5. Blogger ate my comment!

    I will re-type.

    This is so bad it transfixed me and I watched the entire video. Easily the worst thing you have posted, hands down. I am stunned by her cheerful, scare them with hell verse!

    I am so glad she is not a Christian!


  6. Only 16 seconds on the audio and it was even more excruciating with visuals attached. I know that was the highlight of my quiet, contemplative Advent season…or not.

  7. Bp. Clumber, Xena, Warrior Labrador Mix Breed Princess of all Norwalk blames you for the attack she made on my computer to get at those baying hounds. She says the bill is in the mail for the repairs.

    Meanwhile, I, the human companion, am banished to the kennel until further notice and banned from the computer. HELP!

  8. Well, +I did sort of tell you it was baying and howling hounds coming up, didn’t +I? Send the bill to MP, he’s to blame… How about the damage to my sensitive ears from that biped mess he sent our way?