1. I don’t know Lois, I really enjoyed the accordion interlude(or whatever it was), because she stopped singing for a while…

    Let me get this straight, MP. In the next story you praise someone for being nice to an animal which has been abused, and in this one you abuse an old dog (+me) and excuse it by saying it doesn’t last long?

  2. The album cover, if indeed that is what the picture is, is even uglier than the music.

    Very well done! Thank you Dear Madpriest for all the work you do.

  3. These are better than any Advent Calendar (except maybe the ones with candy behind the doors). Come Lord Jesus – and please hurry up!

  4. I got through 10 seconds before switching off. Had the off-switch not worked, I would have had to smash my computer.

    And that’s why the word verification below is “anger”.

  5. Bishop Clumber. There is a vast difference between being abused and suffering for your own good. You should regard listening to this stuff as a spiritual discipline designed to strengthen you for your fight against the powers and dominions that beset the world.

  6. Goodness, that was CHEERY, wasn’t it. And there’s worse? Tell me again why you’re not offering days off Purgatory for these?

  7. +Clumber, I didn’t make it to an interlude. For one teeny second I thought about starting it back up to see what you were writing about. Then I decided..maybe not.