I have to say that it saddens me that so many of you are so Scrooge-like that you even look to make a profit out of Christmas cheer. I'm referring, of course, to the ridiculous requests I have received requesting that I dish out days off purgatory to those of you who listen to the beautiful seasonal selection of Crimble tunes that I go to a lot of trouble to make available for your enjoyment every year. But, people, you already have your reward! I promise you that if you diligently listen to "Oh Bugger! It's Christmas" every day it won't matter how miserable your Christmas turns out to be, it will be sheer bliss compared to the listening experience I have subjected you to. As always, your wellbeing and happiness are my primary concern. I live to serve.



  1. I am in complete agreement with Alison! Yes, I listened all the way thru. So you don’t have to link one of these every day. Believe me, this was enough to keep me depressed right up to the day of our Dear Saviour’s Birth.

    I don’t even have real wv word, which depresses me even more! Such is my luck.

  2. How could it be compulsory, Chelliah? We’re all too far away to suffer any dire consequences with which MP might threaten us.

  3. Hooray! Another song I can play for my duaghter when she doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Of course she’ll call Child Protective Services and the F.B.I. to make those tiresome complaints about torture, but that’s just one more cross I’ll have to bear.