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WORSHIP AT ST. LAIKA’S — 15 Comments

  1. Amazing service. Just wonderful. What a perfect idea to read from The Wind in the Willows.

    And I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed Advent music so much.

  2. “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” – one of my favorite pieces of literature, from The Wind in the Willows. Magnificent for Advent. Thanks!

  3. wow! all of the above comments in spades! Great story telling! wonderful idea to use “wind in the willows”! it flowed! “by Jove, you’ve got it”. reverent but different………

  4. Keeping you out of active ministry is a crime against nature. You were born to do this. That was perhaps the most beautiful service I have ever heard, not one thing could have been changed to improve it. My donation is the best money I have ever spent…..

  5. Thanks, my friend. I would like the opportunity to take what I’ve learnt through blogging services into a physical setting. But, I am now comfortable with the fact that I will never be part of the “ordinary” church. I have some ideas about what to do next too make this project viable. All I need now is the time to put them into effect.

  6. I was thinking, MP, that in some ways, not being part of an established church might be an advantage. I dare say some church jurisdictions would not have been all that pleased with your brilliant use of “The Wind in the Willows” as part of the lessons and carols for Advent. On the web, you’d be free to open people’s minds to all the resources available to them, not just what is in the rubrics…..

  7. I think you are right, Strangelove. It is possible to get away with bending, even breaking, the rules of Church of England services and innovating but, to be honest, I’m not one for doing it. This may sound unbelievable but I am stickler for obeying the rules of those who pay me. Of course, that never stops me saying what I want to say.

    The St. Laika’s project has been very exciting and has really satisfied my creative urges and my imagination. However, I would love to take what I’ve learnt into a physical space in the future. I am resigned, and comfortably so, to not working for the Church of England again (my wife is very much agin it and delights every time I insult a bishop on my blog). If I have a pipe dream it is that one day I will be able to buy or rent a disused chapel or old church and turn it into some sort of pilgrimage/retreat centre where everything I/we have learned on the internet can be given life in a 5 Dimensional format. You never know, stranger things have happened.