I've noticed that the latest line that is thrown at me if I'm winning an argument is to try and belittle what I'm saying by stating that it comes out of my situation of being unemployed. I think that the same ploy would not be used if I was black, gay, blind or a woman who had been sexually abused as a child. You don't have to rub the skin of a liberal very hard until you find the lingering prejudices that lie beneath.



  1. RE: “I think that the same ploy would not be used if I was black, gay, blind or a woman who had been sexually abused as a child.”

    Pffft. Yes it would. Trust me on this one.

  2. No the same bigots would use it, but often just oozing sympathy. “My dear, I realize the pain your experiences as a beaten, raped, black woman must cause. So let me, the untouched liberal white woman do the heavy thinking….”



  3. These are liberals throwing your unemployment in your face??? :-0

    [I would say something, but I suppose the “‘No True Scotsman’ Fallacy” would be cited.]

  4. Anyone who is surprised at this should pull their head out of their arse and look around at the Real World® sometime. There are plenty of self-described “liberals” who are as narrow, bigoted, and close-mindedly opinionated as they come…

  5. Exactly. Besides, I’m not sure if it’s a remnant or perversion of ye olde Protestant work ethic, but prejudice against the unemployed is always acceptable because deep down, they think it’s because your lazy. You can’t help being black, female, gay etc. but if you’re unemployed, why you’re just not a team player, are you?

    *mutters mutinously.*

  6. There are still minorities that everyone is allowed to discriminate against. I think this is because conservatives feel justified in condemning everyone and liberals are proud they don’t condemn everyone.

    That and, as the previous poster pointed out, the ridiculous PWE which is neither theological nor ethical.

  7. It infuriates me because it’s the 21st century equivalent of, “Are you on your period, or something?”

    That said, I recall someone dismissing my anger a few times as “coming out of my mental illness.”