Ellie kindly sent me this photo. I think it definitely requires your best suggestions for an unsuitable caption.

The Queen (God bless Her Majesty) has, to use a well worn English saying, the look of somebody who has just trodden in something rather nasty.



  1. “Look into my eyes…you are feeling very sleepy…when I count to three you will be under my hypnotic spell…1…2…3…when I snap my fingers you will awaken and have a burning desire to give me all your fancy jewelry and funny hats.” ::snap::

  2. In a thought bubble above her majesty (God bless her,) “If only I Elizabeth I’s power you would be the honored guest — at the roast!”


  3. When I saw the expression on her Majesty’s face, I laughed out loud, doesn’t she look disgusted? And he, trying to be wily and charming :>)
    God Bless her, indeed! Priceless pic!

  4. “I am the head of a church for no reason than an accident of birth. You are a mighty man of God.”

  5. I take it back, Anon is right. THAT is what Papa Ratzi said!

    [Accident of a Y chromosome, and compared to Josephine, HM *is* a Mighty Man!]

  6. Joe submits that HM is not impressed with Benny as a head of state; in his mind, she’s saying, “Let us not forget that you are head of a state that is smaller than one of London’s suburbs.”

    Or, “You do realize that I could successfully invade your nation with a troop of Boy Scouts and a handful of re-enactors.”

  7. OK OK he came up with another one that I think is priceless:

    HM to Benny: “Ben, the House of Lords and myself welcome this opportunity to discuss that small matter of the actions of one of your followers – I believe his name was Fawkes…”