DON’T MENTION THE WAR! — 11 Comments

  1. “You started it…”
    “We did not!”
    “Yes you did – you invaded Poland!”

    (one of the funniest bits Europe has ever faced)

  2. It’s because we’ve only just finished paying back the United States, Renz. Watching both Germany and the US prosper out of the war whilst we lived in perpetual pecuniary because of it sort of keeps the memory fresh even for those of us who weren’t alive then.

    But I love Erika’s comment. Very clever.

  3. WWI – victors destroy the economy of the losers which leads to…

    WWII – victors (less the U.S.) destroy their economies and the losers end up victorious…but what’s with the Italians, eh?

    …which eventually leads to, Japanese and German domination of the global economy as the US collapses under it’s own bloated weight of debt.

  4. Yes, and in typically chaotic fashion they managed to fight on both sides – the Axis (1940-43) and then, under a new government, Southern Italy (including the proper government, e.g. King, Civil Service, remnants of the Army) fought with the Allies from 1943-45.

    So the North, which finished on the losing side under a puppet government of Hitler’s, did OK…the south, on the other hand…