A thug who was caught on CCTV swinging a terrified cat by its tail is being hunted by the RSPCA.

Mowgli, a two-year-old tom, narrowly escaped injury in the “sickening” attack as the unidentified man span him around more than 14 times next to railings and cars, coming within inches of smashing the cat’s head on the pavement. The attack was witnessed by Miss Buchanan’s next-door neighbour, Lynne Jarvis, 62, who ran outside in her dressing gown and confronted the youth and three of his friends who were egging him on.

Mrs Jarvis said: “I heard a demonic laugh and a commotion and looked outside to see someone swinging something around. At first I thought it was a black cardigan but then I realised it was Mowgli. I put my boots and my dressing gown on and screamed and swore at them, shouting that they were cruel and evil so-and-so's. I think I shocked them because I’m not a pretty sight that early in the morning and they probably weren’t expecting a pensioner to use the sort of language I did. He dropped the cat and they all ran off down the street.”

For bravery and quick thinking first thing in the morning,
have-a-go pensioner hero, Lynne Jarvis is our...


For being an abomination the perp who did this to Mowgli will be spending eternity strapped inside Nasa's 20g centrifuge turned up to maximum.



  1. Poor Kitteh! 🙁

    I hope Mowgli’s now in a safe, loving home now (indoors, away from the yobs!)

  2. Ah – the centrifuge is a great idea! Only let’s strap the offenders on each end of it, then add a few obstacles on the outside walls that they have to avoid, lest they break an arm, leg, or something worse. (Actually, a good knock on the head might be an improvement.)

  3. And people wonder why I NEVER let Gustav out of my apartment. He goes no further than our screened porch (and I have absolutely NO plans to do so).



  4. When I was in junior high school (back when the earth cooled) some of the local high school boys used to brag about setting cats on fire….. I see we have not come as far as I would have thought we might.

  5. Exactly, Tracie. My cats are entirely indoor cats. And they also have a screened porch so they get fresh air and they love it.

    I used to let cats be indoor/outdoor cats but it’s just too dangerous I have learned.

  6. This is going to sound rather sharp, but I regard people who let their cats out (esp. in areas where there are lots of cars, dogs, idiots like this guy, etc close by) as rather irresponsible cat owners.

    Many decades back, one of my cats got hit by a bus. I’m never going through that again. For a cat to suffer that kind of death is completely avoidable, if kitty is just kept indoors. A cat’s lifespan doubles if he/she lives indoors.

  7. I’m no animal psychologist but I think it may well be that cat owners have to decide whether the happiness of the cat if it is allowed to go outside and kill things etc. is worth the much greater possibility of it meeting an accidental death (or picking up an illness) than would be applicable if the cat stays inside at all times.

    Personally, I have only allowed my cat outside when we have been living in places where the risk of being run over is very low. We chose our present home because it is not on a road and is nowhere near a main thoroughfare.

    As for fear of attack by malicious humans I understand your worries. I have the same worries when I let Mrs MP out on her own. But it is a risk that I am prepared to take because Mrs MP needs her exercise and needs to get out occasionally and meet other wimmins.