Yesterday Grandmére Mimi sent me this photo of yours truly that I had no idea existed.

It was taken during my trip around Scotland with Mimi and Cathy last year on the day before I was relieved of my chauffeur duties and allowed to return home to my loving wife. As you can see the stress of coping with those two for nearly two weeks (especially Mimi who would never do as she was told) has obviously got to me big time by this point. The truth is if anyone even mentions the word "Scotland" I still start shaking uncontrollably. It's post traumatic stress disorder, tht's what it is. I ought to sue and I would if Mimi didn't have that stuff on me that I don't really want to become public knowledge.


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  1. OK I think I see. Saying the word “Scotland” around MadPriest is like unto saying “Macbeth” in a theatre.

    Mention “SCOTLAND” around MP and then it’s “Hot potato! Off his drawers! Puck will make amends!”

    :ducks, runs:


  2. Dear, Leonardo, I very much doubt that a gentleman of your standing would possess the same ability to catastrophically effect your surroundings in the same way a certain American lady acquaintance of mine manages to at every opportunity. Also, I doubt that you have the same propensity to wander, get on the wrong train (also forget to get off) and be late for ferry sailings. I am sure you be a delightful and constantly well-mannered guest.

  3. Ahem! May one ask why she sent it now? If this was taken the day before they were to leave, it might be interpreted as grief on your part because they were leaving….heh heh!

    Always the Devil’s Advocate,

  4. At first, I didn’t know I had the picture. It was taken from a great distance, and MP was just a speck until I enlarged and cropped the photo.

    He didn’t want to stop at the beautiful beach, and then he didn’t walk on the beach because he might ‘get sand on his shoes’. How pathetic is that?

    Nij has it right. MP is crying because he didn’t want to leave us.

  5. I would point out that I didn’t have anything against this beach in particular. I don’t like sand wherever it is found. It gets in your shoes, is difficult to walk on when it is dry and is invariably boring.

  6. MP wouldn’t enjoy most of FL with our (justifiably) world famous beaches. Too much sand.


  7. “It looks like he’s Tebowing, sort of.”

    That sounds dirty.

    [Yes, I know what it is. Put me on Team “Sack the @sshat!”]

    MP, I’d love to have you chauffeur Cathy and me around Scotland. It’d be all “Once around Loch Lomond, driver, we’re in love!” 😉