Fr. Jason Dy of Sacred Heart Parish channeled his passion for art and role as pastor in a project that uses recycled bottles as personalized memorabilia. He introduced this interactive art project to parishioners in 2009. He distributed empty recycled bottles inviting people to create a “bottled memory.”

“The usual things people do for All Souls’ Day is to write on envelopes and submit names for prayers, but we wanted to make it more creative and interactive,” he said.

Dy also makes his own “bottled memories,” which he offers to victims of child abuse and exploitation, victims of natural calamities, war and conflict, famine and sickness and modern-day saints and heroes.

COMMENT: Now that is imaginative and creative. Just like God. So may God bless Father Dy and his work. Mind you an All Souls service presided over by a priest called "Dy" is a bit halloweenish, don't you think?


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