Yes, it's the beginning of the month again and the bills are coming in. This month there's a rather important financial burden looming. It's nearly Christmas and if I don't get Mrs. MP a "satisfactory" present then there will be NO MORE OCICBW... as I will be living in the backyard with no access to a computer.

So, if you do not already support my ministry (and many of you do, very generously) and you can afford it, please consider sending a small donation my way, either as a one off or as a monthly subscription. I'm afraid all you will get in return is a limited addition photoshop of the month and my promise that I will remain committed to producing fun and serious stuff for your enjoyment at St. Laika's and on my blog.

You can donate anything from £1 upwards on a monthly basis or make a one off donation. Simply use the widgets below to do so. You do not even need a PayPal account of your own.

And, don't forget to buy your Amazon goodies through the widget in the right hand sidebar (under "Make MadPriest Rich Please").

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