1. “That is not a dignified position for the cathedral, but one it richly deserves. In the meantime, at least the chapter has proved to a doubting nation that the Church of England can make a fool of itself about a subject which has nothing to do with sex.”

    That alone merits some praise.


  2. Look, I am the stroppiest, sloppiest, most impetuous anti-vicar in the Church of England, not that spoilt brat, Fraser, and I’ll slap anyone who argues with that.

  3. I agree with Jim, that was a great line. You are undoubtedly the stroppiest, sloppiest.. etc but I like this Giles Fraser guy, at least from my distance. Maybe he is a prat and a prima donna but I say give him Rowan’s job now.

    And if the church and the establishment are thick as thieves in their general everyday life then why don’t they allow the protestors to stay, allow anyone into the Cathedral for free, hire clowns and jugglers during the day (and cleaners each night) get Giles to run a free tea and scones stall while wearing a funny hat and send a f******* 16,000 quid bill to big business each day!! (on the quiet), for “services rendered, past and future”.

    That way everyone will be happy.

  4. Yeh, that’s a problem, MP. We’re your friends and so far as I can tell, not a powerful one among us. All we have going is prayer. And whilst prayer is the most powerful friend of all, it’s also a mystery – how long, when, in what way will it be answered?

  5. The prayers of those with much who ask for much more seem to be answered a lot quicker than the prayers of those with little who ask for just a little more.